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Skye 21003


ECGRR is looking for a new home for Skye. He is a 7-year-old neutered male that becomes instant friends with everyone he meets. Skye gets along famously with other dogs, cats and children. He’s a Velcro dog that won’t wander away from people even on those occasions when left off leash.

Skye had the misfortune of finding himself in a professional boarding facility a few years ago where he was a victim of severe neglect. He was one of over 80 animals rescued from this facility, and as a result he is extremely fearful of being placed in a kennel and being left alone. The family that fosters/adopts Skye will need to be one where at least one member of the household is home much of the time, with a home that has a fenced-in yard that will be safe for Skye to be placed in on those occasions when no member of the family is home with him. ECGRR is working with a professional trainer in reducing his fear of kennels, which is something the family that fosters/adopts Skye may be needed to assist in his rehabilitation if necessary.

If you are interested in Skye please fill out an adoption application at, being sure to list Skye as the dog you’re interested in. If you’ve previously submitted an adoption application please send an email to listing Skye in the subject, being sure to list the first and last name included on the adoption application.

Rain … rain …


rain-golden… and more rain.  Actually it’s stopped, but everything is drenched outside so concentrating on inside tasks, which includes catching up on online stuff.

Just 2 furry kids listed on the available section of the website – good news – but would be better if none were there.  These two guys – Dan and Pooh Bear – have been with us way too long and need loving forever homes.

Two others in our care that are not on the website …Libby,  who is just starting HW treatment and Josey who is dealing with terminal cancer.

In mentioning Josey, I’m reminded of the idiotic comments of a past ECGRR critic (re: the Leonard incident) who claimed we only take in goldens so that we can turn them for a profit.   I’ll move on with a closing  “CLUELESS MORON”.

Decided to start highlighting entries from our In Memory (I call it “IN MEMORIAM“) page on Facebook.  In reading them, forgot how much I got choked up when I posted them to the website.  So much for my “tough-guy” image.

meet-greet1Checking on the Fall Fundraiser Drive and we are off to a great start! Over half of our goal ($2500) met and we are just finishing up the first month.

Can’t sit back and relax on this one and we’ll be pushing funding during our October meet/greet events and we have a number of them:

Somewhere in that mess I need to fit in a trip to Tampa (a “people” medical issue) and a trip to UF Gainesville (one of our 4 legged kids is having seizures and may be dealing with brain cancer/tumor).   Both these issues have my days a little bit more complicated, as of late.

Back to assorted non-dog stuff, but am sure most of that will somehow morph into puppy related tasks.



10/24 – Barktoberfest, Pensacola

barktoberfestBarktoberfest presented by the Pensacola Humane Society will be held at Seville Square on October 24, 2015

Times:  9:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M.

ECGRR will be there, how about you?!

Games, Demonstrations, Costume Contests, Adoptions, Food, Music, Local Vendors, Rescues, Free Pet Items and Dogs, Dogs, Dogs!

For more information on the even visit the Pensacola Humane Society website or the event Facebook page.

For a map/directions to this event, CLICK HERE

I’m beat …


… or dog tired would be better.

Over the last few months the ECGRR treasurer has been letting the board know we have a low funding situation (better known as broke).

tumblr_n2ne4a83h81tvgexko1_400Donations have been down and medical costs for the furry kids we rescue has gone up.

Anyway, I’ve hit the internet and have been spending the last week pushing our Facebook page, tinkering with the website and implementing a new online donation system.

Lots and lots of staring at the screen …. typing …. staring at the screen … typing … staring ….

Did I mention I’ve been spending a lot of time on the internet?

Goal of all this is to get the folks that “Like” us on social media to maybe “like” us just a bit more with a donation.  If we only had half of all them make a $10 donation we’d easily surpass the Fall Fundraiser goal of $2500.

Also have been trying to promote a charity golf tournament for ECGRR.  It’s a great opportunity for us to raise funds and promote the rescue at a new level.   Will be sending out a plea for help in the volunteer newsletter … also will need some help with a “meet and greet” event in Panama City on 9/19 and Dog Dze in FWB on 10/10.   More internet/computer time …. argh!

luckypuppyTerri from the The Lucky Puppy rescue has been asking for help with placing a pup or two they have.

Wish we could take one in but we are very short on fosters and can’t use resources we do not have.

Having our folks contact  Happy Tails Retriever Rescue and see if they can help.  May also try FL Great Pyrenees rescue since Terri thinks it might be a GP mix.  Our intake coordinator might also check with some of our adoption applicants to see if they might be interested  and put them in contact with Terri and company.

Time to get away from the laptop for a break with some non-rescue things.


Sponsors Needed for Charity Golf Tournament

golf-dogThe organizers of the Oct 23rd Blue Marlin Realty Group Charity Golf Tournament to benefit ECGRR are actively seeking $250 “Spay & Snip” sponsorships, that will provide the funds to spay or neuter one animal, which is currently the ECGRR’s greatest need.

Hole sponsorships are also available for $100 each.  There are a great way to advertise your group or business while helping out ECGRR!

To inquire regarding sponsorship, please contact Chelsea Blaich via e-mail at or by calling 850-832-4161.

For additional details on the Golf Tournament, CLICK HERE

Dog days of summer


Last time I wrote here was back in January.  Time flies for sure!

Some depressing stuff on my end … had to deal with the passing of our oldest golden girl Kutya in May.  She was 14 when she left us and we had her since she was 7 weeks old. Her seizures had increased and then she  simply stopped eating – we knew it was time and I was with her in the end.  The emotional impact was pretty heavy on me and I had to take a step back from the rescue while dealing with her decline and eventual passing.  We had lost our other golden girl, Penny, not so long ago — she was just 9.

Kutya - May 2015

Kutya – May 2015

In late June we had the pleasure of meeting Sammy.  He came to ECGRR with a few behavioral issues and I ended up transporting him down to a trainer we use in South Florida.  He is a sweetheart and as I write this, is still available for adoption.

Sammy heading down south

Sammy heading down south

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Sherman’s road trip


In an earlier post I introduced Sherman, a stray male we took in from Chipley.


Sherman yelling at me because I forgot the treats

This morning has been set aside to pickup  Sherman from boarding at the vet and transport to his new foster.  For a change of pace, the vet had him ready to go when I arrived.  I, however had left the house with out treats for the ride. A very big “no-no” in the puppy rescue business.  Always have treats ready and available.  The furry kids expect it!!

So I load up Sherman and add the travel delay  of running back to the house to grab the treat bag I left on the kitchen counter.  I really expected my “kids” to have discovered it only to find shredded plastic on the floor.  By a miracle it was still there on the counter.  I grab it and we’re on the road.

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TGIS – 01/24

Intakes, Biscuits and . . .


My “To Do” list was already full coming back from our long weekend.  The day we left found me staring at the underside of the sink in the the guest bathroom.  It had developed a crack and I was not about to hold off our departure to fix it – so now need to install a replacement vanity top – after I get through some “puppy business” ….


Codename: Stinky

On the way back home, followed up on the senior in Escambia county.  Came to them as a stray and we took him in. He was quite the stinker … a yeast/skin infection was partly to blame in addition to just needing a thorough bath.

Code named “Stinky” until we had him settled in with a foster, he is now Charlie! He should be up on our website as I typed this.


From last week: We took in the little female from Taylor county and the transport assistance for Florida Lab rescue went well.  The little girl has some social issues to be addressed (never lived inside) and came to us in heat.

*  *  *



1st batch of Pumpkin Dog Biscuits


Peanut Butter flavored dog biscuits

We posted a recipe for dog biscuits (pumpkin) on our Facebook page.  Thought I’d give it a try and they came out pretty well.

More importantly, when it was time to “taste test” I had several drool puddles on the kidtchen floor that needed to be cleaned up.

Conclusion: the endeavor was a great success.

It went over so well, I found another basic recipe and decided to make some peanut butter flavored biscuits.  These were an even bigger hit with the “kids” and will definitely be making on a regular basis.

Will also try some other flavor variations.

Thinking of beef or chicken (using a broth).  Bacon might also work.  Cheaper than a box of “Milkbones”?  No – but easy and quick to make plus all natural ingredients.


 * * *


Headed up to the Chipley Animal Control facility to look at/evaluate/pickup a male golden they called about.  The Chipley facility has made some great strides in saving animals that end up there.  When I first started dealing with them a few years back, it was very difficult for rescues to pull from there, let alone get access.  Belva, the current manager has changed all that and has an impressive network of rescue contacts to help as many animals as she can.   When she calls, I don’t hesitate to make the drive (about an hour) to see what she has.

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TGIF – 01/16


Sitting in a S. Florida hotel room and typing this out on my cellphone. Our furry kids are in the good hands of the sitter and we are off for some R & R at an undisclosed location. No internet … no cellphone … concentrating on adult beverages and reading. The order to be still determined.

Has been a busy week … in fact last two weeks. Many hours dealing with lawyers and other administrative stuff. For those following all the recent “drama”, I refer you to our Facebook page. I prefer spending my efforts with the hands on stuff of rescuing but not always the case.

While getting ready for our trip coordinated 3 intakes:

– a senior golden from the Escambia shelter.
– two from Taylor County. One is a 5 years old golden female and the other one of her pups (1 year?) that is a mix with a lab.

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Bowling goes to the dogs


9PM – It’s a Tuesday night and I’m at a women’s bowling league in Panama City … not to bowl but stop by for charity night with proceeds going to ECGRR. This league raises money for various charities in the area and we were lucky enough to be in the spotlight tonight.

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A “pound” – then and now ….


Friday found me taking one of the local vets to meet with the management of a county (Bay) animal control facility.  Good networking on a couple of levels.  Bay county has made major, positive changes with how surrendered/stray animals are handled and I’ve been very impressed. Intake/adoption’s made efficient, incoming animals inoculated, pro-rescue, proactive adoption programs … and so on.

bcac-2007-killedgoldenConsidering how operations used to be, they have come a very long way in the right direction.

Flashback: In 2007 I had to deal with a  situation with the Bay County facility where a golden we tried to save ended up being destroyed.  It involved a major screwed up involving bureaucracy, administrative malfeasance and a management that did not give a crap.  It was tragic, but I hope that my campaign of awareness  that came from it helped push the county in the right direction.

The picture here is of the little girl that was killed.  I took it just after I told her I’d be back the next day to get her out.  She was gone the next day.  I’ve seen plenty  crappy things in my life … some haunt me more than others … her smiling face is one of them.  You can read the story HERE, at Land of Pure Gold and I encourage you to do so – please.  It was one of those significant moments in my life that drives me today to try and help/be an advocate for these wonderful creatures.

I can say with considerable confidence that the changes that have occurred in Bay County since then would prevent this from happening today.  Unfortunately this isn’t the case with several counties in the Florida panhandle.

* * *

IMG_2935Saturday saw me on the road with Bentley – taking him partway to his new foster home. He initially caught the eye of Florida Lab Rescue and they asked me to check him out for them.  After I saw how much golden he had in him I decided to see if our board would agree on us taking him.  They did.

The hour and 1/2 drive allowed me to get to know Bentley a bit.  He has a great personality … smart … and the family that provides him his forever home will be very, very lucky.   Any worries that he would not fit in at his foster home were quickly doused when I got this picture sent to my phone.

One tired puppy from all the traveling and meeting new people.

* * *

Still dealing with the Leonard issue.  Scheduled to talk with our attorney’s Monday.  I prefer to spend my efforts saving dogs and not having to deal with self-centered people that have no idea how we operate and are determined to negatively impact the mission of ECGRR.

Off to share the sofa with our furry kids …

The Leonard Issue

January 8, 2015

When I last wrote, Olympic celebrity Shawn Johnson had removed any mention about ECGRR and Leonard from her Facebook page (and Twitter feed).

johnsonRefresher: on January 2nd of this year, a post attributed to Ms. Johnson was made to her 500k+ Facebook followers stating that she was the owner of a golden named Leonard and ECGRR would not return her dog. She sent a Facebook message that threatened ECGRR with legal action and advising that she had an army of supporters around the world and would use them.  ECGRR board members then started receiving emails demanding we return Leonard to Shawn/the Johnson family.  Posts of a similar nature started to hit our Facebook page.


SHAWN’S PROBLEM:  Leonard is not her dog, and never was. In other words, the post leads one to the  conclusion that Ms. Johnson apparently lied to her 500k+ followers along with threatening ECGRR with legal action and to use an “army” to pressure ECGRR to give her Leonard – a dog she never possessed (maybe never had even seen).


SHAWN’S BIGGER PROBLEM:  Ms. Johnson was scheduled to appear on Celebrity Apprentice with Donald Trump a few days after the threat was made to ECGRR.  Her image is pushed as a wholesome, mid-western, all-American girl.  The image is so wholesome that she represents the charity Character Counts and has endorsements with Nike.  Misinformation and attempts to extort a dog rescue group do not compliment this public image so Shawn’s management staff removed all posts regarding Leonard, proceeding as if the incident never happened.  We received an unsigned Facebook message claiming a “hack”.

Still waiting for an apology/retraction from Shawn and some post backing up the hack explanation.  Just something to set the record straight considering the damage to our reputation that was made.  Messages to her publicist/manager have not been returned.

Frankly, I’d never heard of Shawn Johnson prior to this.  It was learned that she does have a golden retriever named Nash, that had been purchased from the Patrick family and apparently is Leonard’s litter mate.  Quite a coincidence that any hacker would be aware of this and have a picture of Nash.

The Patrick family has been demanding we turn over Leonard to them. Make your own conclusions from all the above.

I did reply to all the emails and messages from Shawn Johnson supporters and advised them what had happened.  I only received two replies back and one apology.


A few days later our Facebook page starts to get some very negative posts again and attempting to connect us to an ongoing legal case in Ohio, involving a Sheltie rescue.   When it became clear that the cases were not factually comparable,  most of the posts dropped off.


One of our board members mentioned that we should post something on Facebook to let everyone know Leonard has completed his heart worm treatment, is healthy and will continue to have veterinary care for the rest of his life.  I had to think about it at first — I was pretty sure we mentioned in a few posts that he was healthy and fine.  It did occur to me that Facebook content tends to roll off the page and be forgotten in a relatively short period.  The board member was right – we should post something – but here instead so it is easy to point to.  So here goes;

Leonard has been treated for heart worms as well as his ear infection and skin issues. Behavioral issues were addressed and effectively corrected.  Leonard is healthy and enjoying life with his forever family

With that said, I think I’ll address a few issues:

1. It is ECGRR’s position not to debate issues such as “Leonard” in front of the “court of public opinion”. It serves very little purpose and distracts from us handling matters pertaining to rescuing and finding good homes for these wonderful creatures.

2. It is ECGRR policy to protect the privacy of all adopters.  We do not release their information – period.  As demonstrated by experience, we’ve found that there are parties that may harass adopters in order to pursue a personal agenda. Our adopters need to be assured that they are not bothered by misguided individuals interested in disrupting our adoption process.

3.  ECGRR’s Facebook page is an extension of the organization.  All content is at our discretion and we will remove anything that is determined to be in conflict with our mission.  In other words, we will delete posts we don’t feel are appropriate on our page.   For those that seem to have a problem grasping this concept: would you tolerate strangers writing offensive graffiti on your house walls? Probably not.

4.  As president of ECGRR I will not tolerate threats or libelous content to be spread about the organization and will pursue actions accordingly.  If you doubt my sincerity in this, I refer you to Shawn Johnson and her staff.   Should you wish to join the ranks of some misinformed/manipulated pawns, knock yourself out.

5. We have a number of supporters and adopters from a variety of walks of life and professions.  They all share the same passion we do in rescuing these wonderful dogs.  Many volunteer their time and money to make us a success.  I thank them all for the supportive comments and attempts to correct misinformation that was posted about us.

6. We do not own, maintain or rent an airplane.  It would cut into the maintenance costs for our fleet of yachts and limousines we keep at our waterside country corporate offices (follow the signs as you enter the private golf course).  Seriously, when I heard  this allegation I fell out of my chair – probably best one yet.  We frequently get help from the wonderful volunteers at Pilots n Paws.

Think that about covers it for now.

Bringing in the New Year

January 4, 2015

Back from our holiday trip up to New England and as mentioned in last month’s posting, making an effort  to publish more here …

Received some great news to end the year.  On Dec 31st,  our friends at Florida Lab Rescue were able to save seven (7) 4-month old lab pups that were going to be put down in Taylor County.

Bentley-BCACMy end of the year save involved a young golden mix from Bay County Animal Control – Bentley.  He’s a bundle of energy – would not stay still for a picture – but ready to please and just needs to burn off tons of energy.  Apparently that is why his owners turned him in.  Florida Lab Rescue had some initial interest in him, but on a closer look he has more golden in him than lab – very noticeable in the coat along his back.  We should be able to find his forever home pretty fast.

Received a call from one of the surrounding county officials a day or so ago, needing some help with an animal abuse case.  Can’t go into all the details since it is an ongoing investigation, but involves a number of large breed dogs that will need rescue assistance – some in poor health.  Will go through my contacts and see what can be arranged.

The “Highlight” …

This past Friday turned out to be a bit of a pain in the rump.  Woke up to a number of emails and Facebook notifications demanding that we return the Johnson’s dog.  First thing I’m asking is who the hell are the Johnsons?  I see  mention of “Leonard” and things start to fit together.  A breeder in Pensacola had sold a puppy to a family – the family gave the dog to someone else –  the someone else surrendered the dog to us.  The breeder thinks the dog belongs to them.  No point repeating it all here.  I posted our position on Facebook and you can read it at this link.

Anyway, back to the Johnsons … actually to Shawn Johnson.  She is apparently some sports celebrity and has about 500,000+ followers on social media. Here is a link to her Facebook page and one to her website.   Had never heard of her prior to Jan 2nd, but that changed when the below 2 entries were posted on Facebook:




I’m was still at a loss of how Ms. Johnson is connected to all this. The family that has been making an issue about Leonard is the Patricks and the name “Shawn Johnson” has never been mentioned since the Patricks contacted us back in September 2014.  Suddenly Leonard is her “baby”?  The bit about “millions of followers” almost seemed to be an attempt to intimidate.  When I checked ECGRR’s messages on Facebook, I then saw this:


Hmmm … this has become more then an attempt to intimidate –  Ms. Johnson has now threatened us with legal action and to use millions of people against us.  The term “extortion” comes to mind.

I check my email and find quite a few about Leonard and how ECGRR needs to return Leonard to Shawn Johnson / the Johnson family.   Ms. Johnson made good on her threat. Some of the emails were polite:


and some, not so nice:


The persistent issue here is returning Leonard to Shawn Johnson, which brings up my original question of who is this person?  Figured I might as well ask, so I replied to her Facebook message with this:


And here is the reply that I received …


Well, there’s the connection – Shawn Johnson apparently obtained a dog from the Patricks and it was not Leonard.

As for claiming her site was “hacked” … well … (cough).  Her Facebook pages have been cleaned of any posts about Leonard, but the problem is that the matter really can’t be forgotten.  I still have her followers threatening us … smearing the good name of ECGRR and, in turn, impacting our mission as a non-profit (reputation, donations, etc.).  I sent the following reply back:


As of this writing no reply to our request has been received and we haven’t seen a posting on Shawn Johnson’s Facebook page as we requested.  Hacked or not, it’s not too much to ask for her to set the record straight and call off the misinformed followers.

All the emails received?  I replied to each one, providing copies of a screenshot of the message sent to me by Mr or Mrs “Shawn Johnson Management” (they couldn’t even include their name?!) along with my cell phone number to contact me if they required additional information.   I have yet to receive a reply back apologizing – never really expected any – but have received a number of calls with people hanging up as soon as I answered.

There really is a bright side to all this.  After I had posted our position regarding Leonard on Facebook, we had an outpouring of wonderful comments from our supporters.  I really enjoyed reading each and everyone.

Side note: I was contacted by a rescue group in Ohio that experienced something similar.  With their case, they advised that they were repeated harassed and one of the director’s homes had been broken into.  They further stated that the “Leonard matter” is now being circulated among the groups that had targeted them.

I’m sure I’ll have more about this to post in the weeks to come ….


As 2014 draws to a close …

December 26, 2014

The rescue is dealing with some organizational changes – a scale back in how we manage things that involves stepping away from a “team” concept, back to more centralized management.  Fewer cooks around the fire and probably for the best.  Despite my self perception of being a lousy manager/leader, the board has seen it fit to keep me as president.  Probably not so much a vote of confidence as nobody really wants the job 😉

I’m up in Connecticut as I write this. Visiting family and friends.  Usual holiday stuff.  Have just sent out the last ECGRR newsletters of the year – think that makes a grand total of 4 since I came up with the concept last February.  It was a good idea, but other commitments and being easily distracted (shiny things should be kept from view) resulted in lack of publishing as intended.  Will have to add a “promise to do better” in my New Year resolutions.


the pups cleaned up and smelling much better!

Just prior to heading up north I was able to help out the Florida Lab Rescue with getting 4, six-month old pups to them from Bay County animal control.  I try to give them a hand whenever possible since they have very limited resources in the FL Panhandle and there are WAY TOO MANY labs that need to be rescued.  The exchange went well and was told that two of them had actually been adopted out just prior to Christmas.

Doulos transport


 A few weeks prior to helping with the lab puppies, I happened to stumble across a S. African Mastiff knows as a Boerboel in one of the county animal control facilities. A very large breed (known to be over 220lbs) and requiring a unique home environment,   I offered to check with some rescue groups.  The poor guy – his name is Doulos – was not very happy, a bit confused on why he had been surrendered by his “family” and was dealing with a painful ear infection.  My efforts paid off and a rescue on the east coast was willing to take him in.  The other good news was a local vet (thank you Breeze Animal Hospital – Panama City Beach!) treated his ears and was able to keep him for a few days until transportation could be arranged.  I transported Doulos to Mobile, AL to meet with the other rescue rep for his ride up north.  I really fell in love with this gentle giant. Fom what I hear, he is doing wonderfully in a foster home (see below).

Doulos at foster

Anyway, just a few of the recent “other” rescues I end up giving a hand with.

Off to visit my childhood haunts and then an evening with friends I grew up with – Kindergarten to High School.

The PR Aspect of Rescues

February 24, 2014

For me PR means Push the Rescue.

dbpix-dunkin-donuts-munchkins-custom3With that thought I’m off to Dunkin’ Donuts to get some munchkins for one of our regular vet offices.  Doing this because deep down I like to think of myself as a nice guy (don’t let that get out!) and it is also my way to show appreciation.

One thing I’ve learned after several years of rescue work, whether it’s a vet office or a county animal control facility, relationships are key to an effective rescue.  When you need something done and time is off the essence, the contacts you have developed are so very important.  In building these relationships you have to get some “face time”.  I don’t want to be just a voice on the other end of the phone.  I want my face known and that there is no question as to how committed I am to rescuing goldens .

Shelters and county facilities (and many vet offices) are busy places and they have dealt with far too many rescues that are slow to respond … or even don’t respond.  With routine visits and leaving my business card (and occasional donuts) at these places, my face becomes known and it’s clear that I’ll show up as soon as I can when called about a dog.  The result:  when there’s a golden in need, my face and ECGRR come to mind — we get called.

I really think there are too many rescues, that operate under the assumption that they’ll be  called/contacted just because they exist and have a phone number/web presence.  It doesn’t work that way if you’re truly looking to be proactive in the world of animal rescue.

My father-in-law used to always ask, “How’s the puppy business?” … and his reference to business was spot on when it comes to rescue operations – PR marketing is the key to any rescue success.

A Dog Day Afternoon

February 18, 2014

The call came in Monday night: a senior golden was in Calhoun County, Florida … had been picked up by the sheriff’s office … owner did not want him and was about to be destroyed … can we respond?  Not much more on details except that the dog was apparently not a mix and seemed very friendly.  A golden rescue out of New Orleans had been contacted.  They did not have room, so one of their reps contacted us.

I made some more phone calls/text messages/emails and was assured this golden “guy” would be available for me to pick-up the next day.  Since the county did not have an animal control facility, the dog was being kept at the Blountstown City facility.

Blountstown, FL

I was already scheduled to rescue a golden mix from the Bay County in the afternoon – so this just meant an earlier start of the puppy mission for the day.  Fired up the puppy-mobile and off I went to the booming metropolis of Blountstown, population 2,520.

My contact there told me to make a left on FL 71 and then a right onto Clark St. to the police station.  Problem: someone removed the street sign for Clark St. and after a mile down the road I got that, “think I missed the turn” feeling.  I fired up the navigation thingy, pulled a u-turn and found my way to the police station.

wpid-IMG_20140218_131847_353.jpgThe city animal control warden had me follow him to the kennel facility where I met the golden boy I came to rescue.  A quick “package check” revealed that he was a she – about 7 yrs old and loaded with fleas.  I was told the county had taken her in during the last cold spell from her owner.  He decided not to keep her and she had been housed in the city facility for about a month and a half.  I asked what her name was – they didn’t know.

A bit thin, I suspected intestinal parasites and probably even heartworm.   Some mammary masses were present, so also a good chance she had not been spayed.

Loaded her up and back on the road for the 50 mile or so trip to my local vet office.  Beside’s being a bit stinky, she rode well except for not being thrilled about being behind bars.  Decided to call her Callie.

Tests at the vet confirmed all the worm issues, including being positive for Heartworm.  This girl will have a bit of a haul before we can get her a loving home.  Hope she makes it OK since there is a loving forever home waiting for her down the road – that’s what it is all about!

mix-male-bcac02022014-5After dropping her off, I headed to the Bay County facility to pick up a young male mix (see video below).  He looked healthy, was updated on shots and tested heartworm negative (yea!).  He got his turn in the puppy mobile and was dropped off at the vet office for a quick checkup and to be neutered.

All in all a full day and 2 golden kids rescued.  My volunteers will work on getting fosters lined up and coordinate follow-up vet treatment as needed.

The vet office I used – Parkway Animal Hospital in Callaway, FL. – is fantastic!  With rescue cases I don’t usually have the luxury of working with scheduled appointments.  When we intake a dog it frequently needs vet services then and now.   I’ve brought them cases ranging from just needing routine vaccinations to ones having fiberglass resin hardening on their paws – Parkway is always there for us.

Side note: Callie is a very lucky girl.  The county she was in does not have an animal control facility and I was told that strays are simply destroyed – no chance of adoption or rescue.  It’s very sad.  Thanks to a few caring souls, she has a second chance.