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Marley … a 10+ year ECGRR success story!

My name is Jeffrey … I live in Tampa and 10+ years ago I adopted a dog from ECGRR, Marley. Marley is amazing and still with me nearing 15 years of age now and is showing signs of old age. … Marley was a deep red Golden….now with ‘blond’ on his face.

Thanks for the information, it is greatly appreciated.


Here is a picture of my baby that I adopted from ECGRR long ago.

ECGRR: Marley seems to have a really rough life!   Thanks for sharing Jeff!

A Winston update …

Michelle writes …

Here is our New Year’s card (I chose to not do a Christmas one so we could announce our new family member!)  … feel free to share on the rescue website.  We are so thankful for Winston.

He is doing wonderful.  Winston had a great day yesterday (first day of normal life, Bryant at school and me at work) and he did wonderful.  He had all his toys waiting at the door when Bryant got home, ready to play.

Thank you so much for this gift!  He is very loved.

ECGRR:  What a great new year for Bryant!

A Captain update …

Elizabeth writes …

…  the attached [is a] picture of our “Captain”, who we adopted through your wonderful organization in the spring.  I knew the boy had it in him!!!!  By now I am sure you heard through the grape vine that he passed Canine Good Citizen training as well as Therapy Dog International evaluations, and is our “newest” Therapy Dog Extraordinaire.  This was  from his first official visit yesterday at Thomas University in Thomasville, where he played with, hugged and comforted several college students in the midst of their final exams.  He was quite a hit, and had a ball to boot.

He is happy, well loved, well cared for, and a beloved addition to a family now.  Thanks for giving him a sixth chance.


ECGRR: our thanks to you for giving this wonderful guy a loving home!!

A Pooh Bear update!

Dawn writes …

Wanted to update you on Pooh Bear. He is doing fantastic and has found his place in our pack family. We truly feel he is loving his furever home. He is the sweetest boy smile emoticon




PoohBear-success-2 PoohBear-success-1

ECGRR: What a Pooh bear!!!


Tsali from the “Perry Five”

Darren writes …

Tsali from the “Perry Five” is alive and well living in a loving home in Pennsylvania. He now has a little sister Promise, he has a yard to run in, a bed to sleep in, celebrated Christmas with treats and toys and is a happy little boy


ECGRR: Thank you Darren for giving Tsali a new life in a loving home!!

Click HERE to read the The Perry 5 story

Apollo update …

Kristie writes …

Thanks for checking in! Apollo is amazing! He is so sweet and good. He is adjusting well and has been the perfect dog.  We are very attached to him and thankful to have him.  He loves the ocean and swims like a fish…will send pics of this next time we are out.  Here are a few recent pics.

apollo1 (Copy) apollo2 (Copy)

ECGRR: Looks like one happy puppy!

Dudley in Southern California

Jen wrote to us through Facebook:

Hi ECGRR – Just wanted to take a minute to update you on a former dog in your rescue. We already had two dogs and decided to foster a third. We got a call and received Dudley on August 28, 2009. He had been pulled from a high kill shelter in Chipley. Ten days into our fostering, we decided to keep him! He is the sweetest dog ever and compliments our family perfectly. We relocated home to San Diego in November 2010 and he has embraced the So. Cal. lifestyle. He loves the beach and swimming in our pool. He still loves his two furry brothers and our two legged kids who have grown up with him. So thrilled we were foster failures and added him to our family!


ECGRR: The best kind of “failures”!

Crazy Daisy – July 4th


Pam wrote to us through Facebook:

Just wanted to share pic of my Crazy Daisy for 4th of July. She was nervous about fireworks this year(she was fine last year) but we semi resolved issues & she is sleeping soundly tonight(even though fireworks are still going here at lake).

Lily …

Alicia writes …


This is our Lily girl we adopted from Emerald Coast Golden Retriever Rescue in 2010! This a picture of Lily with us on our backyard swing from yesterday! Lily is a sweet & very spoiled little girl! She was fostered by a family & I found her on your website & we are forever thankful!!










ECGRR: We love these updates … look at the smile!!

Honey – a New Years Eve success story!

honey-adoptedA good Samaritan called us advising that Honey wondered into her yard on 12-23-2014 without a collar.  There was no reports of a lost dog matching her description.

Around 5o lbs, Honey has two large tumors. One on the left side starting under the arm that runs oblong past her ribs. This one does not seem to bother her other than it is heavy and may make her off balance. More concerning is the tumor is the one on her abdomen that  could be pressing on the stomach and intestines.

The person that called  agreed to temporarily foster Honey for us and transport her to the vet for an intake exam and shots. (Thank you Amy!!)

On 12-31-2014 we had an adopter come forward to make Honey part of his family and cover all her medical care.  What a great story to end the year with!

Yogi update–from LA

Yogi found his forever home earlier this month (Feb 2014).

His new mom emailed us the following:

Ms Sandi,

I think Yogi has adapted well, a little too well. I am beginning to think he believes he is a dachshund. Lol.


ECGRR: A perfect fit!

Lily finds her forever home …

This update came to us through Facebook …

“The one absolutely unselfish friend that [wo]man can have in this selfish world, the one that never deserts [her], the one that never proves ungrateful or treacherous, is [her] dog. … When all other friends desert, he remains.” George Graham Vest, Speech in the Senate, 1884.

Thanks to those that bring loving families together. Meet Lily, the newest member of our family. What a huge heart is in this sweet young girl. It was Kerrie Barloga with the guidance of much Higher Power’s that put us three together. Kerrie you rock. HP, you rock.

— Neal and Paula

Bandit – Adopted 9/2013

Sent to us through Facebook ….

bandit-success-02062014In September 2013 I received Bandit from Jim Stacy in Niceville. I just wanted you to know Bandit is a very special dog. Since day one he has been a part of my home and my life. He has his own special personality and one of the most rewarding feelings I have ever had with a Golden.

Thank you very much for the opportunity to rescue Bandit. And the bottom line is that this wonderful dog rescued me in more ways than one.

Pat M


ECGRR: Thank you Pat for making Bandit part of your life.

Colonel and Ginger – update!

Colonel and Ginger left ECGRR to be in their forever home back in September 2012.

Ferd S. just contacted us through Facebook with the following update:

Thought I would give you an update on Colonel and Ginger. We adopted them in September 2012. They are doing great and are very much part of the family. Ginger is now 12+ and loves to walk, but really can’t go very far. She is pretty active, but slows down quickly in the evening… Colonel (11) is still very robust and will walk as far as we want to go.


ColonelandGinger20130120-1ECGRR: Thanks for sharing this with us, Ferd.  An even bigger thanks for giving these two a wonderful home!  Willing to bet the squirrels still pass through the yard very cautiously.

Brutus in Arizona

Veronica sent us the following through Facebook:

brutus-azThis is Brutus we he was our first foster with you organization…we failed and adopted him. He is loving life in Arizona with us now. He now has a brother named Arrow and is loving life. I thought you would like an update on one of your puppies.


ECGRR: Thanks for sharing Veronica.  We like these kinds of “failures”!