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10/13 – Dog Daze at Fort Walton Beach

ECGRR will be attending Dog Daze at Liza Jackson Park on October 13th from 9:00-3:00

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Look for our tent and table.  We’d love to see you – especially any ECGRR alumni!!

Meet and Greet Event – 9/8/2018 CANCELLED



ECGRR was planning on participating at the “A New Leash on Love Adoption Event” on September 8th at the Mill Site Park in Bagdad, Florida.


Training Partnership

We are currently working on developing a training partnership with at least one organization in the Florida Panhandle.

There are several goals behind this …

o provide a resource for adopters

o help ECGRR fosters work with issues that may arise

o make furry “kids” waiting for their forever homes more attractive

While many think of golden retrievers as “Disney” dogs, most of us are well aware that a large percentage that wind up in a rescue have behavioral problems that need to be addressed.  A well-behaved dog is easier to place and helps in the process of becoming a loved family member.

One of the first steps we are looking at is to provide a group training class for our volunteers (fosters and those that are considering fostering).  I’ll have more information/details to be posted here soon!

If you have any questions about this program, don’t hesitate to contact me by phone or email.

– Bill Hyde

Records! Records! Records!

08/15/2018 – Effective IMMEDIATELY, we need ALL volunteers to start sending the following documents to a central location:

  • Surrender forms
  • Foster (intake) Shot / Medical records
  • Adoption (signed) forms
  • Home checks
  • Invoices

Hard copies should be mailed to:

Attn: records
P.O. Box 535
Panama City, FL 32402

Any digital/scanned copies should be in the PDF format and sent to

This is part of our efforts to organize and modernize storage procedures for ECGRR.




7/24/2018 – over the next 72 hrs the ECGRR website will be offline at times while we upgrade to a new server.

Volunteers – Please check/update your profile

03/13/2018 – We’ve recently updated the volunteer database and need your help in verifying your data is current.  Asking that all volunteers login at the website and make sure contact information is current along with volunteer areas that you can help with.

If you are a current volunteer and have not been setup on the website, please contact the ECGRR Volunteer coordinator:

Bob Teer
Phone (850) 814-4960

Interested in volunteering, visit us at:



New ECGRR Volunteer System

07/24/2017 – We’ve recently updated our online ECGRR volunteer system to improve tracking of active volunteers, support activities and foster operations.  The key feature is that volunteers can update their contact information and volunteer preferences online – at any time.  This allows us to have your current volunteer information (areas to help, foster preferences, etc.) immediately available.

Updating Volunteer Account Info and Preferences

The top two selection on the area menu allow you to review and then edit your account information in the ECGRR Volunteer system

Selecting YOUR ACCOUNT DETAILS will bring up your basic account information, allowing for:

Selecting YOUR VOLUNTEER PREFERENCES will access a more detailed screen that includes volunteer areas that you indicated an interest in.  This how you can edit/update them:

You can then update ECGRR volunteer activities you wish to help with as well as your all your contact information.


If you indicate that you will be fostering, an additional section will be displayed so that you can let us know your foster dog preferences.

When you are done making any changes, be sure to  properly submit the updated information by clicking on the Update Profile button …

Volunteer info updated!


Information on the For New Volunteers – Welcome page has been updated.  All volunteers are asked to review and take note of changes regarding Confidentiality and obtaining a signed Surrender form.

Organizational Changes


Kandie Evanchyk has resigned from the ECGRR Board of Directors (BOD).  She indicated that she, and her husband Randy, would be traveling in their recently purchased Airstream.

Kandie noted that she would be available at times to conduct home visits and to foster.

  • Volunteer coordination will now  be handled by …
    Bob Teer
    Phone (850) 814-4960
  • Adoption coordination will be managed by …
    Kerri Barloga
    Phone (850) 322-5310
  • For all intakes, please contact one of the following ECGRR BOD members …

    Bill Hyde
    Phone (850) 896-3448 

    Kerri Barloga
    Phone (850) 322-5310

    Bob Teer
    Phone (850) 814-4960

  • Current ECGRR Board of Directors for 2017 …
    President – Bill Hyde
    Vice President – Kerrie Barloga
    Volunteer & Foster Coordinator, Asst Treasurer – Bob Teer
    Secretary and Treasurer – Tracey Hyde

We lost one of our kids


Chloe, one of our special needs fosters, took a turn for the worse a few days before Christmas and was put to rest. Her foster mom Jessica had become very attached to Chloe and was with her in the end.

It can be very difficult to deal with the loss of these wonderful creatures we find under our care. Some solace comes in knowing we do our very best to make sure they live the fullest life possible, even when circumstances beyond our control result in it ending far too early. It’s never an easy call to make. For what it is worth, all of us can at least take some comfort in knowing that we did all we could to ensure Chloe received the best care.

Please include Chloe and Jessica in your thoughts and prayers.

Orvis Fundraising Results


The Orvis photo/giftwrap fundraiser we had leading up to Christmas raised over $1,200 and we had some great public interaction for future foster/adoption leads.  A big thanks to all those that helped out in making it a great success!!!

Organizational Changes

With the decrease in rescues handled over the last year, the ECGRR board has decided to scale back management and move from the team concept back to a centralized structure.  The primary impact with this is that intakes, adoptions and volunteer activities will be managed through single organizational  contacts rather than regional team leaders.  Couple of reasons for this:

  • we have had a decrease in the number of rescues we have handled over the last year
  • we have had difficulty filling all the positions created with the team system so a central contact ended up managing most regions as a result.

New ECGRR points of contact:


Kandie Evanchyk
Phone (850) 830-3672


Karen Rossi
Phone (850) 230-6565

Volunteer Coordinator

Kerri Barloga
Phone (850) 322-5310