13075_Rose2How can you help, you ask?

We are always in need of assistance from caring volunteers. Our needs run the gamut from temporary foster homes, to “home checkers” who visit potential adoptive homes to perform premises assessments, to canine chauffeurs who deliver the gold to their appointments.

We are always in need of donations of dog food, “comfort toys”, and of course money. ALL donations are used to help goldens in need. Please see our DONATIONS page

Foster Home

Foster homes are the backbone of any rescue organization, and the most needed service that rescues have. As a foster family, you will provide a temporary home for anywhere from a couple of weeks, to a couple of months. ECGRR will pay for your foster dogs pre-approved medical treatments. We ask that you provide food, security, and love to these special animals. CLICK HERE for some articles we have about fostering.


As a transporter, we will contact you on occasion to take a dog to the vet, pick up dogs from shelters, pick up dogs surrendered from caring owners who for some reason need to surrender their family pet, or to take a dog to their new foster or forever home.

Home Checker

Duties as a home checker, require you to do an assessment visit to potential adoptive or foster homes, to ensure the home and new owners are compatible with the animal that has been selected. Home checker’s are needed in all areas of the Panhandle.

Fund Raising

Fund raising ideas abound, and we need volunteers to make these events successful.

Public Awareness

Word of mouth is the best and most economical form of advertisement. As a public awareness volunteer, you will spread the word about our organization and the dogs that benefit from our services. We may ask you to visit clinics and shelters, give out business cards, or work a booth to educate the public about our services.


If you have a talent that you would like to use to help us help them, please let us know. We can use graphic artist to design logos, dog behavior specialist to help us determine temperament, obedience handlers to help us teach good manners to dogs before permanent placement, etc.

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