14034 Noah/Buddy

Senior - Male
Adopted Medium House trainedKnows Basic Commands

Meet Noah/Buddy 14034. This is what his foster has to say about him:

“Buddy is truly a wonderful dog for anyone.  He adapted immediately to our home.  After spending a little time getting to know my dog, he was accepted and took his place in the “pack”.

He listens and follows all my commands.  Buddy completely ignores our cats and gives them the right of way.  When my teen daughter is around, he is friendly and loving, and when my 1year old grandson comes over, he moves out of the way.  He is content to lie around sunning. If he had his wishes, I think Buddy would like to go to a home with children that like to play.  Although he is 10 years old, Buddy loves to play Catch or Fetch.  He adores his toys and always has one with him.  He was extremely pleased that we had a well-stocked toy box!  Some days I think Buddy would play fetch all day if his arthritis (or mine!) didn’t act up.  The vet thinks he may have a little in his paw, but it certainly doesn’t impede his activities. He has blossomed into a well behaved and well-loved member of the family.

Buddy came to us without a name, background, or history.  He did not answer to the name the clinic had given him, and I was calling him “Buddy” as a term of endearment.  Though he knows his name and will come to “Buddy”, I believe he would easily adapt to any new moniker.

Buddy knows many commands: sit, stay, out, back up, lie down, shake.  He will walk on a leash or off.  He never strays when I go outside; he sticks right with me and will go back into the house when I send him inside.  He’s completely potty trained, sleeps in his own cushy dog bed every night, and only barks when he hears a strange noise outside.  He’s never shown any aggression towards anyone or anything, but he will make a funny woo-woo-woo (with his toy in his mouth) to any new guests in the house.

I can’t say enough nice things about this dog!  He’s been a treasure and will make someone a fine house dog.”

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