14040 Chloe

Senior - Female
Adopted Medium House trainedKnows Basic CommandsLoves to swim

Meet Chloe 14040. She is a 9.5 year old spayed female.

Appearance: Chloe is a nice red/golden in color.

Health and Age: Chloe weighs 60 pounds. She is up to date on vaccines. Chloe is being treated for skin and ear infections. We are trying to find out what she is allergic to.

Habits and Training: Chloe is sweet and is remarkably happy despite all her ailments. She is house trained.

Children and Other Animals: Chloe gets along well with other dogs and all people.

Overall:Chloe would be good for any family.

If you think you have the right home for Chloe 14040 make sure you fill out the online adoption form and mention her by name.