14044 Sandy

Young - Female
Adopted Medium House trainedKnows Basic Commands

Sandy #14044

Sandy is a young golden retriever mix female (golden/spaniel?  golden/boxer?  Who knows?)  We think her age is around a year but she was a stray and we dont really know. She is a smart, energetic, affectionate girl eager to please.

Appearance: She is on the small slender size (41 pounds) with a dome head, warm expressive eyes and an under bite.  Her fur is long and silky, gold with darker striping.

Temperament:  Like most goldens, she is affectionate and follows her foster Mom from room to room. She enjoys walks but is eager to return home.  She travels well in a car and entertains herself. She is young so she is still chewing and still prone to mischief but her foster Mom says to she tends to chew her own toys and is eager to please.  Beware!  Sandy will grab a shoe to sleep with.

Children and Other Animals: She is good with other dogs, cats and children.  She is also good at chasing squirrels and doing battle with the empty flower pots at her foster home. Her foster says that sometimes she ends up with a plastic pot on her head as she runs around.

Habits and Training:  She is house trained if she has easy access to the outside.  (Her first foster lives in an apartment and Sandy was too focused on playing and running when she was on lead outside to pay attention to something like a full bladder.)  She knows SIT and is working on the other commands.  She takes treats gently and has shown no signs of aggression. She is working on  crate training…she has been eating her meals and getting her treats in the crate (with the door open), and will tolerate it calmly (with the door closed) if her foster Mom is NOT in the room. She likes her crate to be covered with something so it feels like a safe, cozy den. She will be able to be fully crate trained if her new family uses a kind approach and makes it a positive experience. Treats going into and coming out of crate time work well for Sandy!

Health: She is healthy and up to date on vaccines. She has just been spayed (she sure was vocal about wearing the cone of shame!) and will be ready for her new home by mid December.  She has a microchip.

Overall:  Sandy is a wonderful young girl, full of energy, love and smarts.  We think she would be a good candidate for agility training. She should be placed with an active family with a fenced area and easy access to the outside.