14047 Bentley

Young - Male
Adopted Large Knows Basic CommandsLoves to swim

Bentley #14047

Bentley came to us from a county facility where his previous family had turned him in because they weren’t able to deal with his activity level — he kept running away.  A young golden mix, Bentley has lots of energy, but is a very quick learner and wants to please.   He has just been placed in one of our foster families.

Appearance: Being a mix, Bentley has a short coat but his golden side is evident along his back. He is about 70lbs and on the thin side.

Temperament: His temperament is definitely 100% golden – He loves people.

Children and Other Animals:  Bentley is great around children andt there have been no signs of issues with other dogs.  His foster family has other dogs and there were no issues when introduced.

Habits and Training: Very smart, Bentley picks up commands quickly.  He knows how to sit and once some of his energy is released he calms down and is ready to learn and please. He travels reasonably well in a car.  There are indications that it is a new experience for him and he seems to do better with each trip.   We are waiting so see how his “house training” habits are.

Health:  Excellent and up to date on all shots.

Overall:  Bentley would do best in a home/environment that would let him release his puppy energy.  Definitely not a couch potato.  A structured environment with lots of human interaction is almost a must.   We hope to have updated information in the next few weeks.