15027 Bianca

Young - Female
Adopted Medium House trainedKnows Basic Commands

Typically we get a call from volunteers saying there is a golden mix at such and such shelter. Could we take a look and save the dog? Please. The dog is sweet and special and should have better fate then a sad quiet end at the shelter. A lot of these dogs are an unknown mix with a brown coat. They are probably lab, pitbull and retriever mix of some sort and a lot of the time we have to say no. Regretfully and with sadness, we have to say no.

Bianca’s and ECGRR story begins with an email from a fantastic volunteer in GA saying there was a golden retriever mix in the Lowndes County Animal Shelter in Valdosta GA. She sent some pictures of a white fluffy dog but the pictures did not give us a sense of scale and we were not certain if the dog was pure golden or a mix. So one of the ECGRR volunteers with a conditional blessing from the Board of Directors (must have a good temperament!) drove to Valdosta one Sunday morning and met the white fluffy dog. She was a lot smaller than a golden and was obviously an American Eskimo mix of some sort. In the volunteer’s defense, she thought there might be a little golden in there somewhere. The tail was plumy and the white fur has a golden cast to it. Truly, she thought there might be a little. Bianca did well enough on the temperament testing – no issues with food, no knowledge of commands, and no reaction to things that tend to annoy dogs.

Bianca was young, very sick with a respiratory illness, heartworm positive and not likely to survive the week at the shelter. She had been surrendered by her owner because she was killing chickens. So the volunteer took her home and took her to the Timberlane Animal Hospital in Tallahassee to complete her vaccinations, check for the various worms and assess her health and age. TAH laughed outright when the volunteer said there might be a little golden. Oh well. She is an extraordinarily cute dog.

Appearance:  She is a proud, sweet tempered, fluffy white dog. Her fur is long and a little coarse. She does not seem to have the second coat and, compared to the resident golden retrievers, barely sheds. The DNA test says one of her parents was a pure American Eskimo. The other parent is the improbable mix of boxer, chow and miniature pincher.

Bianca looks a great deal like an arctic fox. Her coat is white with a golden cast and her triangular ears are gilt edged. Her nose and her eyes are little black buttons.   She typically carries her plumy tail high and proud. It is usually wagging.

She is playful, loves squeaky toys and running. She loves to roll on her back and get belly rubs and she is more than willing to do so in your lap.

The vet believes she is around 3 years old and she has had puppies.

Health: Bianca is now current on all vaccinations and is healthy with the exception of the heartworms. The surgery to spay her has been scheduled the week after Independence Day and she is in the second month of heartworm treatment. The first immiticide treatment is scheduled August 10, 2015.

Habits and Training: The foster is working on house training and basic skills such as SIT and DOWN. She now sits very quickly when a treat is offered and takes it gently.

Bianca walks very well on leash.

She is vocal – there are a variety of whines, soft growls, whimpers and, yes, barking as she communicates her emotions.

She does not like confinement of any sort but is generally quiet and calm in the house. She loves squeaky toys and will walk around with one her mouth for hours. She also likes to raid the dog toy box and place her choices in a circle around her bed.

She is a little wary when she first meets people but quickly seeks affection. She is easy with being handled by strangers and shows no fear.

Children and Other Animals: She is good with other dogs, children and cats that do not run.

She is a proud dog and not particularly submissive to the resident golden retrievers who outweigh her by more 3 times. She would not be a good candidate in a home with a strong alpha female. She does like boys. And given her history she is probably not a good candidate for a family with chickens.

If you would like to be considered as Bianca’s new “Forever Family”, make sure to fill out the online adoption form and mention him by name.