16001 Sam

Goldens - Adult - Female
Adopted Medium House trainedKnows Basic CommandsPrefers a home with no cats

Meet Sam 16001.  She is very new to the rescue but here’s what we know about her at this time.

Appearance:  Sam is a 6 year old pure golden retriever female.  She is exuberant, joyful and energetic.  She has a block head and is stunningly beautiful. Her coat is honey.

Health:  Sam glows with good health.  Her ears are spotless, her coat gleams and there are no signs of skin issues.  Her sire was a Russian golden retriever and she is from overseas.  Her life expectancy is very good. She has a little white on her face.

Disposition:  Sam is a bundle of energy and she loves to cuddle but has a hard time staying still long enough.  I was able to play with her paws, pull on her tail, rub her ears, roll her on her back and all she did was spin around for another go of loving.   She loves fetch and balls.

Other animals:  Sam is good with other dogs even the ones that are smaller than her.  The owner tells me Sam loves to hunt down the moles, the voles and the mice so there is a high prey drive.  The owner says cats are probably not a good idea but she does not know.

Training and Manners:  This is a physical dog.  She runs full tilt and crashes into people.  She spins and knocks into people.   I think this behavior can be corrected easily as she is very smart and very eager to please.  She is good candidate for agility training.

She was aggressive about taking the treats.  I had to put the treats up to get her to refocus on me.  She is use to a leash but pulls.  I had to use the constant circling trick but she was more than happy to keep going in circles.  She is use to a kennel.

By no stretch of the imagination is this dog a couch potato.  She needs a large yard and an active lifestyle.

If you would like to be considered as a candidate for adopting Sam 16001, please fill out the online adoption form and mention her by name.