16007 Georgia

Adult - Female
Adopted Large House trainedKnows Basic Commands

Appearance:  Georgia is a big golden fluff ball.  Her coat is very thick and medium gold.  She is a big girl – weighing in at 91 pounds. Hugging Georgia is little like hugging a big fluffy marsh mellow.  Her estimated age is 5 to 7 years.

Health:  Georgia is now current on all her vaccinations and has been micro-chipped.  Unfortunately, she is heart worm positive and a smidge overweight….. a lot smidge…..  Her skin and teeth are excellent.

Habits and Training: We don’t know her history as she wandered into a yard in rural Georgia.  After searching for her owners for a week, her rescuers surrendered Georgia to ECGRR.  This is what we know:  She has been trained – she knows SIT, SHAKE, DOWN, and walks very well on leash.  She is house trained and evidently knows what a dog door is.  (Her foster is not sure she can fit through the current dog door.)  She loves car rides and takes treats gently.  She will get her front paws in the car and then look over her shoulder for the assist. She adores attention and happily settles in when given a lap.  She has had couch and bed privileges and is somewhat stubborn about getting them.  She was loved and spoiled by her previous owner.  She will lift her paw and touch you to get attention.  Did I mention how much she likes treats?  She destroys toys so all toys have been put up and she is allowed a chew bone when directly supervised.  The intake foster reported toy aggression.  When she first arrived in her current foster home, she was pushy about being first to receive attention, food, toys, etc.  but she has not been  aggressive. She just likes to be first so the foster home is working on the concepts of patience and turns.  She is a calm, mellow dog.

Children and Other Animals:  Her rescuers have a 2 Year Old child, four German Shepherds, one husky,  cats, and a farm and they reported they had no problems with Georgia.  Georgia is fitting in with the two resident goldens with few problems.  She is now allowed the run of the house.

Overall:   If you want a dog to help you read that book, go on slow walks around the neighborhood, and enhance your life with a mellow golden attitude, Georgia may be just the dog.  She is attentive, sweet natured and has interesting quirks.

If you would like to be considered in becoming Georgia’s “Forever Home” please fill out the online adoption application and mention her by name.