17020 Ryley

Adult - Male
Adopted Medium Coach PotatoCraves AttentionHouse trainedKnows Basic CommandsLoves car ridesPrefers to be only dogSPECIAL NEEDS

Appearance: Ryley is a 5-6 years old 62 lb. hunk of love! He’s muscular, has gold down his back with lots of creme coloring on his face, chest, abdomen, and legs.

Personality: He’s very sweet and loves to cuddle. He will follow you from room to room and lie down wherever you are. He’s mellow in the house but is easily riled up if you play with him. He hasn’t shown interest in chasing a ball but has a teddy bear and a rabbit that he shakes and plays with on a regular basis. He hasn’t chewed them, just shows them who’s boss! His toy animals live in his dog bed, but runs to collect them and bring them out to play. He is house trained and has not chewed up anything. He LOVES to go for walks and rides well in the car. He is an alpha, so he will best be placed in a home with no dogs or ones that are submissive. He is very friendly with people—women more than men but does well if not aggressively approached.

Health and meds: He is neutered and microchipped. He is heart worm negative after treatment and current on all vaccinations. Prior to ECGRR his right-rear leg was shattered but he wasn’t provided proper medical care at the time. He walks fine on the leg, but requires pain medication. He also takes medication for hypothyroid and for itching.