18017 Chance

Young - Male
Adopted Large House trainedKnows Basic CommandsLow maintenance

APPEARANCE: Chance is a 3 yr old, light golden color and pure Golden Retriever.  He weighs 67 lbs.

PERSONALITY:  Chance is timid when first meeting people, but warms up fast.  He is quiet and calm and makes for a poor “watch dog”.   He has barked at the neighbors only when outside, but not often.   Chance loves to lay outside for a few hours in the morning.  He sleeps in the foster’s guest bedroom, but comes to her bedside in the morning for kisses and love.  A sweet, gentle guy, he needs very little  correction,. Chance is learning to eat dry dog food slightly moistened and how to chew on dog biscuits. He takes treats very carefully. and loves to carry toys outside.

HEALTH/MEDS:   Heartworm negative, Chance is on monthly preventative. He is neutered, up to date on all shots and is micro-chipped.

HABITS/TRAINING:  Chance’s foster does not have a doggie door, so he goes outside through the back door.   Since he is currently with a foster that has 4 other dogs, they all go out together so his “asking” to go out has not been seen,.   He stays with the other dogs  with the run of the house when the foster leaves, and nothing is ever disturbed and no “accidents”.

CHILDREN/OTHER ANIMALS:   Besides the 4 other dogs, (two Goldens, one medium sized Schnauzer mix and one 9 lb Poodle) there is a cat.  Chance and the cat get along well, with the cat often sleeping up against him.   The previous owner indicates he is good with children.   He is a shy, timid dog and interprets rough play as reprimand.