18018 Georgie

Goldens - Adult - Male
Adopted Large Coach PotatoCraves AttentionHouse trainedKnows Basic CommandsLoves to swimSPECIAL NEEDS

Appearance: Georgie is a pure-bred Creamy Golden! His coat is light and almost white and curly.

Health: Georgie is a large boy who now weighs 100 lbs and is heartworm negative.   His front paw pads appear to be sheared a bit … the vet said it might have been done by breeder or it could have happened while kenneled or locked in a room. He turned 8 yrs old on April 27, 2018

Habits and Training: Georgie is a big love muffin that has been through a lot as a stud for a breeder.  He was then re-homed by his adopters because of storm anxiety.  He just pants a lot and wants to be with you or close to you during a storm.

Fully house trained, Georgie is a velcro dog that wants to always be near people.  He is okay alone with other dogs pups and if it isn’t thundering.   He rarely barks but his groomer has said that he does bark occasionally at her place but not excessively.   He has not shown no food aggression..  He is learning about toys and loves his tennis balls.  He rolls in the grass with some toys and loves the water.

Georgie is just a big ball of creamy love who is happy napping, going on walks – leashed or unleashed. He loves treats and will take them gently once reminded to sit and to be “gentle” — a food hound at heart, he will chow it down if not reminded.

He loves his foster brothers and sister as well as the 3 cats here.  He would be fine as an only dog if his humans are with him almost always.  He is an old soul who has seen a lot and been through a lot but still had nothing but love for everyone he meets.

He loves walks and the water.

Children and Other Animals: He can seem as if he is uninterested in other dogs but that is because he is more human-oriented.   He is just a beautiful boy with an even more beautiful heart and story.

SPECIAL NOTE:  some separation anxiety and thunderphobic

If you are interested in adopting, please complete an application to adopt at ECGRR.com and mention you are interested in Georgie 18018.