18020 Stella

Goldens - Senior - Female
Adopted Large Coach PotatoCraves AttentionHouse trainedKnows Basic CommandsLow maintenance

Stella is a golden retriever mix with a lot of love that enjoys life. She’s estimated to be 8 years old. Stella was found walking down the middle of the road in Panama City with an inactive microchip number and no missing dog reports.

APPEARANCE: Stella is slightly overweight with thick, short hair. She has beautiful brown eyes and is always smiling. Stella has a growth on her rear left hip that has been fully vetted and deemed non-cancerous.

PERSONALITY: Stella is very smart – at times almost too smart! She can train any human into performing an exorbitant amount of belly rubs and head scratches. Stella loves to lay in the front yard and will let you know when it’s time to go inside. At the same time Stella loves air conditioning and has no problem sleeping most of the day if allowed. She loves being near people, plays extremely well with other dogs, and has no problem with cats. When she gets excited she prances back and forth and will talk to you about it!

Health and meds: Stella is fully vaccinated and heartworm negative. She is on flea, tick, and heartworm prevention. Stella is currently being treated for an ear infection
She has a medium sized growth on her rear left hip that is not growing into the bone and is non-cancerous. The vet has recommended that she live with it as it doesn’t seem to bother her.

Habits and Training: No past history is known regarding Stella’s training but she is house broken, can sit and shake if she sees a treat, and will lay down if told.

Children and other animals: Stella is currently in foster with a six-year old little girl, two Staffordshire dogs, and two cats. No signs of aggression or other negative incidents have occurred in the two months she’s been in foster.

Watch a short video of Stella “doing her stuff”!: