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Dandy Teer – 2015

Dandy Teer
January 2015
Our Dandy Man Jan 15_htm_21dda013

Our Dandy Man


Andy twin

Never down, instead always

Delightful even when not

Yanking on Sandie’s leg or

Munching on delicious cheeseburgers

Adored his favorite Aunts

Never forget our hopping boy!




Luke 2 – 2013

Luke 2
November 2013


We adopted Luke2 from the ECGRR in March of 2013.  We had just lost our beloved Luke1, who Was diagnosed with multiple cancer.  When I saw Luke2 on their website, I knew I had to give this 12 year old gentleman, a home.  Luke2 weighed in at 126 pounds.  He had severe hip displasia, a severe ear infection, and terrible skin issues.  The look in his eyes, was one of despair.  We were determined to bring joy back into his life.

Seven months later, our handsome boy could hear, all ear and skin issues gone.  He simply sparkled with his love for life.  More than anything, he loved his road trips with his Uncle John .

Luke2 was a huge golden, with a huge heart.  Everyone adored him, he was unlike any golden we had ever known…When his legs could no longer hold up his body, we had to make that difficult decision.  He no longer had quality of life.

We know, he’s playing on the rainbow bridge with Luke1, running and playing …He knew, how much he was loved by all of us.  We miss you My darling Luke2.

Murray – 2013


November 2013


Seven and a half years ago we rescued Murray from Emerald Coast.
He was a year and a half old and a big golden 90 lbs and could
put his head on the kitchen table without even stretching, he was so tall.
We have Sammy an English Pointer and if they got along
Murray would be ours. They became best friends.

Murray loved to play ball and was a great catcher, and liked to play keep away.  He also like to watch TV, he could watch the puppy bowl for hours. You Tube on the laptop was another favorite, if the sound was turned up he was right by your side.  Murray was really curious in a good way and had a great smile.

Last week Murray passed away from “Gastric Dilatation-Volvulus”, commonly known as bloat.

We miss him terribly he will always have a special place in our hearts.


Lady – 2013

February 20, 2013 


Dearest Lady you will forever be in the hearts of your family.  You are with your first mom Trudi once again.

Coconut – 2013


January 2001 – January 2013

Loving_Coco Coco_2012

  Coconut filled the void.  She welcomed me home with a wagging tail.  I always felt loved.  She was the proverbial velcro-dog.  What a girl!

Sawyer – 2012

January 4, 2012
Sawyer_N_MemorySawyer came into our lives 5 years ago as a rescue when he was only 1 year old. He was the most joyous and energetic little guy i’ve ever been around. He brought so much life into our home. There was never a dull moment with Sawyer around. He absolutely loved the beach. He could swim for hours chasing a tennis ball in the water. His favorite was the Jeep rides around town and to and from the beach. I enjoyed every minute with him even in the most mischievous moments. On January 4th, we suddenly lost Sawyer to a condition call “Gastric Dilatation-Volvulus”, commonly known as bloat. He will always have a special place in my heart as I miss him terribly.
Love always, Rusty

Jack – 2011

June 22, 2011


On June 22, 2011 we had to put to rest our amazing golden boy JACK.  We rescued him from ECGRR eleven years ago, when he was 10 months old.  He had heartworms, hookworms, mange and was 14 pounds under weight.  ECGRR treated him for the heartworms and hookworms.  We continued the mange treatment and kept him in our home as a foster while he was going through his heartworm treatment.  We fell in love with him and decided he needed to live with us forever.

He received his canine good citizen certificate and he was a certified therapy dog who visited nursing homes in the area for many years.  Every day of his life he would run down our driveway and get the newspaper.  It was his job and he loved it.  Last summer we noticed a lump on his leg and he was diagnosed with soft tissue sarcoma.  He had surgery at the University of Florida Veterinary Medical Center.  After his leg healed we went to Auburn University College of Veterinarian medicine.  We lived in Auburn for 26 days while Jack underwent radiation everyday.  In January he was diagnosed with a different kind of cancer we found on his toe. It was melanoma, an even more aggressive cancer.  He lost his battle with cancer on June 22.  His veterinarian, Dr. Robert Scott and his staff at the Gulf Coast Animal Hospital managed his illness and made sure Jack got the best of care which gave us another year with our sweet boy.  Dr. Scott’s kindness and generosity got us through the stress of Jack’s illness and treatments.  Golden Retrievers are exceptional dogs and Jack was an exceptional Golden Retriever.

Softly in the morning you heard a gentle call,
you took the hand God offered you and
quietly left us all.

Cody – 2011

Cody #10036
May 9, 2011

Ginger – 2011

Ginger #10109
April 20, 2011

Jake Mercer – 2011

Jake Mercer
Summer 2004 to March 2011


We adopted Jake from ECGRR in May 2005.  He was a perfect match for our family.  We loved his quirky behaviors as well as his vocal talent.  He could say “I Love You”, “Oh, Mama” and “Good Morning”.  He also knew when to lend his body as a pillow/heating pad as in the case of when his mom Kelly was recovering from surgery.  Every second with him was a joy, but he had many health issues including severe allergies and ruptured ACLs.

Brady Stevenson – 2010

Brady Stevenson
April 2010


This is our golden boy Brady, aka The Amazing Mr. B.  This spirited fellow left us after 16 of the most wonderful years I have ever known with any dog.  His spirit was unmatched to the last day and I feeling so badly that I did not recognize how he had aged.  With help he would still step to the yard for a “hurry” and than check to see if a ball game was in order.  We did not tell him that he had grown so old and he preferred it that way.

He came to us as third owner and was determined to be a house dog from that life he once lived.  I mistakenly thought he should stay in the garage and get used to things the first night.  He would have none of that, howling until he was in the bedroom with us finally content with his arrangements.  He gave back more love than we could give.  Sitting with him, he would put a paw on your hand and squeeze down with his nails if you tried to take it away.  He would gaze into your eyes trying to tell you his inner most secrets.  Always in a good mood, always ready for a game or a swim in the pool.

Of course he had a few moments too.  Helping himself to a large bag of candy, wrappers and all.  We came home to my dog sitting neighbor on his knees cleaning up multiple problems.  Brady was standing in the pool with his tummy in the November cold water trying to relieve the burn.  Or the time he lost site of his precious tennis ball in the Sound and I had to go retrieve him from the cold December water.  He was indeed all retriever.  And finally a situation we never figured out.  A fresh apple pie on the counter when I left.  When I came home the pie was gone but the pie tin was on the table.  And this happened, not once, but twice he put the tin on the table after having desert.  Or snoozing in the chair he was not supposed to be in and always out of it by the time we came home.  How did we know?  The chair was still warm and a nose print was starting to show on the arm.  It later became his chair with his personal blanket.  We were slow, but he was patient as we learned to do it his way.

We feel that our present rescue was sent to us by Mr. B.  He probably sat down with the big dog upstairs and said, “Hey my people are really hurting.  Can we send someone in to help them out?”  And than Jackson miraculously showed up in our life to help fill the tremendous void.  I sit and tell Jackson all the things Brady used to do and the antics he would pull.  Jackson listens intently.  Then I tell him, “Tell Brady we love and miss him.”  I think he might have a line to him and the big dog.  Jack has done a good job of distracting us.  But he looks at us with deep golden eyes and we wonder, Brady?

Brady Dog glued a somewhat dysfunctional family together and taught me how to treat a Golden.  Obedient, smart, friendly and of gorgeous apple pie crust brown color.  He will be forever missed.

Robert, Kathy, Alex and Daniel Stevenson

“There is great pain we must endure for the love they give us.  I embrace that pain and love them like they will be gone tomorrow.”

Champ Miller – 2009

Champ Miller
March 13, 2009


This afternoon Champ took one final motorcycle ride. Our beloved Champ’s spirit was freed from the body that was failing him.  He was our son and gave us much love.  His sometimes goofy antics made us laugh.  His snoring allowed us to “blame the dog”.  He had many adventures and loved going fishing and for motorcycle rides in his Canine Chariot, which will forever be Champ’s Lab Cab.  He graciously embraced me and accepted the Mals in to his life.  He became my loyal companion.  He adored his Golden sister and shared retriever secrets with her.  He brought play to our pack and joy to our hearts.  It will take a while before we no longer step gingerly when entering a darkened room so as to not trip on the black dog.  It will take much longer to not feel the hole in our hearts.  We are very sad for us, but relieved that our boy is no longer in distress.  These moments are the high price we pay for being given the honor of sharing our lives with them.  Despite that cost, what we get in return is priceless.

Denise and Des

Casey Pellbring – 2008


Hershey – 2008

September 6, 2008


Hershey passed away last night from complications of heartworm disease.  He was at the vet’s office getting the best care they could give him when he passed.  He was only about a year and half old and the sweetest boy ever.  So much tragedy in such a short life.  Hershey was a wonderful, calm, affectionate Chocolate Lab who was waiting to find his forever home.  This handsome boy came to the local shelter as a lost dog and we were surprised when no one came for him.  Hershey loved everyone he met.  Please, be sure and protect your dogs from this terrible disease.

Toby Hughes – 2008


Annie – 2008

By M.R. Street

Golden-red fur ball
Queen of slobbery kisses
Mermaid with four paws


Brinkley Lange – 2008

Brinkley Lange


We miss and love you Brinkley!

Eleanor – 2007

August 9, 2007


Eleanor was diagnosed with a severe bone infection in her spine soon after being placed in her forever home in Panama City.  ‘Ellie’ left a lasting memory on all of us that met with her — she was an incredibly sweet little girl that touched our hearts.

Callie – 2007

April 10, 2007


Callie’s Story

With great joy, several years ago, we adopted Callie from Emerald Coast.  Callie was the poster girl on your note cards for a few years. Her story before rescue was horrific and too common: backyard breeder’s dog, over bred, under loved, no health care, disposed of when she became frail.  When she came to us, at the very ripe age of 11 or so (we all guessed), she had few front teeth, very little hair and was under weight – and that was AFTER EGGRR volunteers had been taking care of her.  I don’t want to know how she looked when she first came to you.

We promised her a loving, quiet home, with all of the treats, care and attention she wanted.  She asked for very little – well, except when I was cooking or if she could smell McDonald’s French fries.  She would herd me into the corner at the sink and hold me hostage for a nibble of whatever was for supper.   I contacted ECGRR with a somewhat heavy heart today.  At the age of about 14+ (again, guessing), Callie will head to the bridge tonight.  She’s been trying to tell me for some time now, “Kid, it’s my time. Let me go.”  We’ve enjoyed every moment with her.  She has been our “little mama dog.”  We will miss her soft way, her smacky chops sounds (toothless dogs do this, y’know), her absolute blondeness (she was an English Cream in a house of reds), and her sense of humor.

Hunter Thomas Bringier – 2006

Hunter Thomas Bringier
October 24, 2006


Our beloved foster dog that passd due to heartworm complications.