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Crazy Daisy – July 4th


Pam wrote to us through Facebook:

Just wanted to share pic of my Crazy Daisy for 4th of July. She was nervous about fireworks this year(she was fine last year) but we semi resolved issues & she is sleeping soundly tonight(even though fireworks are still going here at lake).

We are now on Twitter


We have set up a twitter account
and invite all to “follow” us there –
link is on lower right of the page.

What will it do for us?  Not sure,
but have been told we need to
“tweet” …

… so be it.

Lily …

Alicia writes …


This is our Lily girl we adopted from Emerald Coast Golden Retriever Rescue in 2010! This a picture of Lily with us on our backyard swing from yesterday! Lily is a sweet & very spoiled little girl! She was fostered by a family & I found her on your website & we are forever thankful!!










ECGRR: We love these updates … look at the smile!!

The Perry “5”

A few days ago ECGRR received word of 4 goldens at a county animal control facility.  A breeder had gone out of business and had turned them over to the county.

Within a few hours, our great group of volunteers organized a plan to rescue the 4 … arranging short notice transportation, vet care and foster homes.

A few snags did come up.  There were actually five dogs and one was an eleven year old “tri-pod” (missing a leg).

The 3 males and 2 females were terrified when ECGRR  arrived to get them and it was a bit of a struggle to get them into the transport vehicles.  They were so scared that some buried their heads into the laps of the volunteers that were restraining them in the vehicles.  Everyone seemed to calm down after about 20 minutes and in typical golden fashion, started enjoying the ride.

After an initial medical evaluation and VERY MUCH NEEDED baths, the five were on their way to foster homes.

The photo to the right is three of the rescues:

Tsali (the tripod male) on left, Buffy is on the right, and Biscuit in the rear with the big yawn.

The official head count is:

Tsali – a 10 year old tripod male.  The sire of the pack.
Biscuit – a 7 year old  male, the most out going of the two younger males.
Pooh Bear – a 7 year old male.
Buffy – a  7 year old female.
Molly – an 8+ female


After medical issues are addressed and we have an idea of any possible behavioral issues, we’ll have these “kids” ready for adoption to some loving forever homes!!

Hats off and a giant thank you to the folks that made this all possible ….

• Autumn Rourke
• Kandie Evanchyk
• Bob Teer
• Kerrie Barloga
• Sandi Christi
• Lynn Guevara
• Kay Cunningham
• Neal Martin
• Carrie Perkins, Director of the Taylor County Animal Control

EVERYBODY CAN HELP ECGRR – In just 3 easy steps!

EVERYBODY CAN HELP ECGRR – In just 3 easy steps!

It’s summwanted-poster-captureer time and once again ECGRR finds itself overwhelmed with the intake of dogs and not enough fosters.

If you can’t foster,  We understand, but you can still help, and it is really easy.  All you need is a printer, some paper, scissors and tape.  Here’s how in 3 easy steps:

1. DOWNLOAD our new ECGRR WANTED POSTER and print out a few copies.  Optional – take some scissors and cut along the vertical dotted lines between the contact slips to make them easier to tear off –  that would be a big help.

2.  POST the ECGRR WANTED POSTER in locations for others to see.

A few suggestions:
– Coffee or break room where you work
– Community bulletin boards
Vet offices
Pet stores
Pet friendly businesses
anywhere dog lovers gather and talk dogs!
Please get permission from property owners/managers before posting at businesses

3. Give yourself a pat on the back – you just helped spread the ECGRR word  and our big need for fosters. Thank you!


NOTE: The WANTED POSTER is in PDF format
and to be viewed/printed, requires the Adobe Acrobat Reader.
Many computers already have it installed, but if you
require the reader, CLICK HERE
–  a free download.

If you live in the Florida panhandle and can open your home to be one of our foster homes – wow, that would be great!!  Just fill out our volunteer application to get started.


Panama City Women’s Bowling League raises funds for ECGRR

wpid-img_20150113_202534_873.jpgThe Panama City Women’s Bowling League routinely has a “charity night” where they raise funds for area causes.  This week they stepped up to help  ECGRR with a series of raffles that raised $325 for the rescue.

ECGRR President Bill Hyde was on hand to help with selecting winning raffle tickets and to personally accept the donation check.  CLICK HERE to read his blog entry with pictures from the event.

A very big THANK YOU to the ladies and for their support in helping ECGRR’s mission in rescuing these wonderful creatures!!

Honey Update


Honey on her way home after surgery

We mentioned Honey as our New Years eve success story last week.  She came to us with very large visible tumors and, to be honest, we feared the worse.

This past Wednesday, Honey had surgery. She did well and the doctor removed a volleyball sized tumor and a grapefruit sized tumor from her stomach. She spent recovery time at the clinic and went home on Thursday.

The tumors were tested and were determined to be benign/fatty growths – not cancerous as we feared at first!

NOTE:  The first vet we brought Honey to, opined that she should probably be euthanized.  ECGRR didn’t see it that way!



Honey – a New Years Eve success story!

honey-adoptedA good Samaritan called us advising that Honey wondered into her yard on 12-23-2014 without a collar.  There was no reports of a lost dog matching her description.

Around 5o lbs, Honey has two large tumors. One on the left side starting under the arm that runs oblong past her ribs. This one does not seem to bother her other than it is heavy and may make her off balance. More concerning is the tumor is the one on her abdomen that  could be pressing on the stomach and intestines.

The person that called  agreed to temporarily foster Honey for us and transport her to the vet for an intake exam and shots. (Thank you Amy!!)

On 12-31-2014 we had an adopter come forward to make Honey part of his family and cover all her medical care.  What a great story to end the year with!

Merry Christmas

To All our volunteers, friends and supporters,

Wishing all the very best this holiday season and a safe and wonderful New Year.

– Emerald Coast Golden Retriever Rescue

Paws in Prison – A Success Story

This is not a story about ECGRR, but it does involve Sandi Christy, our vice-president.  Sandi is co-coordinator of the Dawgs in Prison program in Gulf County.  This program produces highly adoptable dogs and as a bonus, gives prisoners a marketable skill.  Enjoy …

Published February 24, 2014, Panama City News Herald

‘Like love at first sight’

Ricky Mamoran and Trenton

Ricky Mamoran and Trenton enjoy each other’s company at Mamoran’s home on Thursday. An U.S. Army veteran, Mamoran, who lives in Panama City, suffered a traumatic brain injury while serving in Iraq. Once discharged from the military, doctors suggested Mamoran consider a dog.

Published: Tuesday, February 25, 2014 at 09:18 AM.

PANAMA CITY — Ricky Mamoran was in search of a companion.

Trenton arrived this month to fit the bill.

Trenton was among the dogs comprising the 31st graduating class of DAWGS in Prison, a program that has over the past four years saved 324 dogs, now living in 17 states, and provided a bit of redemption for 320 inmates at the Gulf Forestry Camp.

“I would recommend that program to anyone,” Mamoran said while talking about Trenton. “It was not a long process at all and very user-friendly.”

Mamoran was not just looking for a dog, but a dog of particular temperament.

An U.S. Army veteran, Mamoran, who lives in Panama City, suffered a traumatic brain injury while serving in Iraq.
He has dealt with the often debilitating effects that include post-traumatic stress disorder and depression in addition to physical symptoms such as the inability to stand up more than 10 minutes.

“I was seeking a companion dog,” Mamoran said. “That is a step down from a service dog. I did not want a service dog because I don’t think it is fair for the dog to have to work all the time.

“I want him to be with me at all times, but not have to be working.”

Once discharged from the military, doctors suggested Mamoran consider a dog and he was referred to the non-profit organization Pets for Patriots.

The first attempt at adoption progressed to near the point of adoption, however, only to have the facility providing the dog inform Mamoran and his fiancé that they would have to pay $200.

“The whole thing started to sound kind of fishy,” he said.

Referred by Pets for Patriots to the St. Joseph Bay Humane Society, Mamoran was quickly in contact with DAWGS in Prison, which exists through collaboration between the Humane Society, the Florida Department of Corrections and the Gulf County Board of County Commissioners.

“I filed my application on the weekend and it was approved that same day and I got a call from (DAWGS co-coordinator) Sandi Christy on that Monday,” Mamoran said.



Yogi update–from LA

Yogi found his forever home earlier this month (Feb 2014).

His new mom emailed us the following:

Ms Sandi,

I think Yogi has adapted well, a little too well. I am beginning to think he believes he is a dachshund. Lol.


ECGRR: A perfect fit!

Dog Bite Prevention PSA

Children – a dog’s view … please watch:

Lily finds her forever home …

This update came to us through Facebook …

“The one absolutely unselfish friend that [wo]man can have in this selfish world, the one that never deserts [her], the one that never proves ungrateful or treacherous, is [her] dog. … When all other friends desert, he remains.” George Graham Vest, Speech in the Senate, 1884.

Thanks to those that bring loving families together. Meet Lily, the newest member of our family. What a huge heart is in this sweet young girl. It was Kerrie Barloga with the guidance of much Higher Power’s that put us three together. Kerrie you rock. HP, you rock.

— Neal and Paula

Newsletter Resurrected


With a new website, we’ve resurrected our ECGRR Newsletter!

With our newsletter, you’ll get updates relating to ECGRR sent right to your email inbox – perfect for keeping up on our events and activities!  It’s our preferred way of keeping our volunteers and supporters informed.

BONUS FEATURE: you can also sign up for immediate email alerts when a new dog is posted on our AVAILABLE DOGS page.

To sign up for the newsletter, just enter your email address in the subscription box to the right. If you had previously signed up through our old website, your email address is already in the system and a subscription confirmation email was recently sent out.



Bandit – Adopted 9/2013

Sent to us through Facebook ….

bandit-success-02062014In September 2013 I received Bandit from Jim Stacy in Niceville. I just wanted you to know Bandit is a very special dog. Since day one he has been a part of my home and my life. He has his own special personality and one of the most rewarding feelings I have ever had with a Golden.

Thank you very much for the opportunity to rescue Bandit. And the bottom line is that this wonderful dog rescued me in more ways than one.

Pat M


ECGRR: Thank you Pat for making Bandit part of your life.

Roxie – Super Bowl Sunday


roxieatfosterRoxie (13047) living the good life at her foster home.  This is one happy girl!!

For more information about Roxie and how she can become part of your family, visit her page  in the available dogs section!

ECGRR Promo Video

Going through some of our files and came across this wonderful promotional video Kandie Evanchyk made last year.  Enjoy …


Website Status Update

We are almost finished with the move to our new website.  Still working out a few kinks with the email system.  When that is completed, interested parties should be able to sign up for email notifications when new dogs are posted.

ATTENTION ECGRR FOSTERS:  be sure to check with your area Team Leader regarding instructions on how to access the “private” area of the website.


Colonel and Ginger – update!

Colonel and Ginger left ECGRR to be in their forever home back in September 2012.

Ferd S. just contacted us through Facebook with the following update:

Thought I would give you an update on Colonel and Ginger. We adopted them in September 2012. They are doing great and are very much part of the family. Ginger is now 12+ and loves to walk, but really can’t go very far. She is pretty active, but slows down quickly in the evening… Colonel (11) is still very robust and will walk as far as we want to go.


ColonelandGinger20130120-1ECGRR: Thanks for sharing this with us, Ferd.  An even bigger thanks for giving these two a wonderful home!  Willing to bet the squirrels still pass through the yard very cautiously.

Brutus in Arizona

Veronica sent us the following through Facebook:

brutus-azThis is Brutus we he was our first foster with you organization…we failed and adopted him. He is loving life in Arizona with us now. He now has a brother named Arrow and is loving life. I thought you would like an update on one of your puppies.


ECGRR: Thanks for sharing Veronica.  We like these kinds of “failures”!