*Honor your Golden Retriever*

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Dandy Teer - 2015

Dandy Teer
January 2015

Our Dandy Man


Andy twin


Luke 2
November 2013

We adopted Luke2 from the ECGRR in March of 2013.  We had just lost our beloved Luke1, who Was diagnosed with multiple cancer.  When I saw Luke2 on their website, I knew I had to give this 12 year old gentleman, a...Read More »

Murray - 2013



November 2013

Seven and a half years ago we rescued Murray from Emerald Coast.
He was a year and a half old and a big golden 90 lbs and could
put his head on the kitchen table without even stretching, he was so tall.
We have...Read More »

Lady - 2013


February 20, 2013 

Dearest Lady you will forever be in the hearts of your family.  You are with your first mom Trudi once again.

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Coconut - 2013



January 2001 – January 2013

  Coconut filled the void.  She welcomed me home with a wagging tail.  I always felt loved.  She was the proverbial velcro-dog.  What a girl!

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Sawyer - 2012

January 4, 2012
Sawyer came into our lives 5 years ago as a rescue when he was only 1 year old. He was the most joyous and energetic little guy i’ve ever been around. He brought so much life into our home. There was never a dull...Read More »

Jack - 2011


June 22, 2011

On June 22, 2011 we had to put to rest our amazing golden boy JACK.  We rescued him from ECGRR eleven years ago, when he was 10 months old.  He had heartworms, hookworms, mange and was 14 pounds under weight.  ECGRR treated him for the...Read More »

Cody - 2011

Cody #10036
May 9, 2011
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Ginger - 2011

Ginger #10109
April 20, 2011

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Jake Mercer - 2011


Jake Mercer
Summer 2004 to March 2011

We adopted Jake from ECGRR in May 2005.  He was a perfect match for our family.  We loved his quirky behaviors as well as his vocal talent.  He could say “I Love You”, “Oh, Mama” and “Good Morning”.  He...Read More »

Brady Stevenson - 2010


Brady Stevenson
April 2010

This is our golden boy Brady, aka The Amazing Mr. B.  This spirited fellow left us after 16 of the most wonderful years I have ever known with any dog.  His spirit was unmatched to the last day and I feeling so badly that I did...Read More »

Champ Miller - 2009


Champ Miller
March 13, 2009

This afternoon Champ took one final motorcycle ride. Our beloved Champ’s spirit was freed from the body that was failing him.  He was our son and gave us much love.  His sometimes goofy antics made us laugh.  His snoring allowed...Read More »

Casey Pellbring - 2008


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Hershey - 2008


September 6, 2008

Hershey passed away last night from complications of heartworm disease.  He was at the vet’s office getting the best care they could give him when he passed.  He was only about a year and half old and the sweetest boy ever. ...Read More »

Toby Hughes - 2008


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Annie - 2008


By M.R. Street

Golden-red fur ball
Queen of slobbery kisses
Mermaid with four paws

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Brinkley Lange - 2008


Brinkley Lange

We miss and love you Brinkley!

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Eleanor - 2007


August 9, 2007

Eleanor was diagnosed with a severe bone infection in her spine soon after being placed in her forever home in Panama City.  ‘Ellie’ left a lasting memory on all of us that met with her — she was an incredibly sweet little girl that touched...Read More »

Callie - 2007


April 10, 2007

Callie’s Story

With great joy, several years ago, we adopted Callie from Emerald Coast.  Callie was the poster girl on your note cards for a few years. Her story before rescue was horrific and too common: backyard breeder’s dog, over bred, under loved, no health care, disposed...Read More »

Hunter Thomas Bringier - 2006


Hunter Thomas Bringier
October 24, 2006

Our beloved foster dog that passd due to heartworm complications.

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Blondie Teer - 2006


Blondie Teer
April 9, 2001 -September 29, 2006

We were deeply saddened to lose our wonderful Blondie girl.  Despite being overwhelmed by many medical issues for several years, she was a fighter and resilient to the end.  Blondie taught us a great deal about patience and acceptance of what...Read More »

Jake Schwinn - 2005


Jake Schwinn
November 1, 2005

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Sandy Condon - 2002


December 2002

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Rocky - 2002


Rocky Wigley
March 30, 1998 – July 10, 2002

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Shadow Lightfoot - 2002


Shadow Lightfoot
May 28, 2002

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