15001 Charlie

Senior - Male
Adopted Medium House trainedKnows Basic Commands

Meet Charlie 15001.  He was picked up by a county animal control service as a stray.

Here’s the information on him from his foster:
• He has a sweet disposition.
• Estimate his age is 7-8 years old.
• Had  horrible fleas so skin shows the result of that with hot spots and redness on the underbelly/legs.
• He has fatty tissue growing (lipomas) under the skin on rear and underside of body. His coat is thick that it’s hard to really tell what’s going on yet, but as we get to know each other he’ll be more comfortable with me poking and prodding.
• He is ‘pudgy’ so we will work on diet and exercise.
• He had a bath yesterday along with exam and vaccines. He is being treated for ear bacteria and yeast.
• He has a hard time climbing the stairs.  Think maybe his hips bother him.
• He loves to stay on porch as his coat is as thick as a bear!
• He loves to get up on furniture!
• He knows ‘sit’ when he gets a treat.
• He has an award winning Golden face!

If you would like to be considered as Charlie’s new adoptive family please fill out the online adoption application and be sure to mention him by name.