15009 Buddy

Goldens - Adult - Male
Adopted Medium House trainedKnows Basic Commands

Meet Buddy.  He is a five year old neutered male Golden Retriever Mix and weighs 53 pounds.  Here’s what his foster has to say about this great guy.

Buddy is a quiet loving dog looking for that one special someone.  His reserved nature and steadfast dedication would work wonderfully in an adult home.  He is the perfect “Velcro Dog.”

Buddy shows signs of previous training.  He understands the concept of commands, listens well to my tone of voice, and quickly picks up on whatever I’m trying to communicate. Buddy has learned “out, no, come, stay, heel, with me, and sit”.  He will need a little reinforcement and would flourish beautifully with a kind and patient human.  Buddy is a people pleaser and shows tendencies towards being a loyal dog.  He looks to me often for approval, and if I let him, Buddy loves to give slobbery kisses. His loyal nature may make Buddy more suitable for an adult home, or a single person.  He gets along brilliantly with my other dog, my cats did not phase him in the least, nor did my toddler grandson appear to bother him.  Buddy shares the toys nicely, and we haven’t had any food aggression (even though he eats like it’s his last meal!)  Buddy also does very well with given a bath.  He loves tennis balls.  Click here to see a video of him asking for the ball.

Buddy is crate trained, potty trained, and can walk on-leash and off.   He is not a runner, he’s a homebody.   He is up-to-date on his shots and has been micro-chipped for your safety.  Now all he needs is someone to love him as much as he’ll love you.  Buddy is looking for love and attention and his expressive brown eyes will tug at anyone’s heart!

If you would like to be considered as an adoption applicant for Buddy 15009 please fill out the online adoption application and mention him by name.