15011 Danny Boy

Young - Male
Adopted Medium House trainedKnows Basic Commands

15011 Dannyboy

He is young (less than 2 years) and on the smaller side – 47 pounds.   He has a narrow face and alert eyes. We think he may be a mix of golden retriever and smooth coat collie but we don’t know.  Dannyboy was found as a stray and turned into an animal shelter but it is obvious that he was cared for –his nails had been trimmed and he loves to be touched and cuddled.

Appearance:   Dannyboy’s fur is a medium gold with light to darker gold variations. His coat is in excellent condition – soft, golden and thick.

Health:  He is in excellent health.  His eyes and ears are clear and there are no signs of skin issues.  He is now up to date on vaccinations, received a microchip and has been neutered.


Habits and Training:  He is housetrained and tidy in his personal habits.  He knows how to use the dog door.  His foster has been working on the basics such as SIT and DOWN.  He will come when called but that’s because he likes to be petted.   He walks very nicely on a leash and loves walks.


When he first came into ECGRR’s care, he was nervous about car rides and walking through thresholds.  He is now enjoying car rides and thresholds no longer have monsters around the corner.


He shows minimal interest in fetching balls but he does like to play keep away and shake rope toys.  He did explore the closet for chew toys but was gracious enough to accept an alternate to the shoe.

He is affectionate and likes to nestle and cuddle.  He likes to watch the world go by and he likes to explore.  The latter reason may be why he was a stray.  

He does not like to be kept separate from the household.  His first foster was startled when DannyBoy came to say hello as she was planting flowers in the front yard.  He may have climbed a wooden pallet to escape the backyard to say hello. 


Children and Other Animals:  He likes to play with other dogs and with children.  He has minded his manners with the foster’s resident cat. 

Overall:  Dannyboy is a very nice handsome dog.  He has a quiet temperament but is alert and affectionate.


If you think your home is the right one for Dannyboy please fill out the online adoption application and mention him by name.