15035 Libby

Adult - Female
Adopted Medium House trainedKnows Basic CommandsLoves to swim

Libby is a large beautiful 8 to 9 year old golden retriever with a dark red coat.  She was surrendered by her owner because her owner could no longer care for her and Libby was heartworm positive. She has just finished heartworm treatment and is ready to go home.


The previous owner said she was good with children, dogs, cats, house trained, crate trained, and knows some basic commands.  She likes the water and she likes to fetch. 


Her foster describes Libby as a wonderful dog and a great companion.  Even though she is considered an older dog, she is still full of spunk and playfulness. She likes to go for walks but is also content with laying close by to you. She likes to play with her toy stuffed frog and loves chewing on bones/getting treats. She is very smart and knows basic commands such as “sit”, “stay”, and “shake”. She walks wonderfully on a leash and never pulls. She only shows her stubbornness when she has found a direction she would rather go, or a spot she is not done sniffing while on a walk. She has not had any accidents inside the house and always lets you know when it is time to go outside. She rides well in the car and does not mind the occasional road trip. She never gave any trouble while taking her heart worm medication and always knew when it was time for it. I would describe her personality as very relaxed and loving, she wants to please and be loved in return. With other dogs she has done well, we only had one occurrence where she growled at another dog after he had repeatedly trying to play was barking at her (I would have growled also! Haha) She is wonderful with my cat at home, since the very beginning she was very docile towards him and even appears the cat and her have become unlikely friends. The only problem we have had is her obsession with my pet Guinea pig, she becomes fixated on watching her. While I don’t think she would intend to hurt her, we have had to separate them in different rooms. This is honestly a natural and instinctual reaction from a dog towards a prey like animal though and Libby shouldn’t be faulted for it. Just incase they have small animals, it is something to keep in mind. But overall she is a wonderful dog with many years of love and happiness left to give to someone. Everyone that meets her remarks on her sweet disposition and beautiful soft coat! We will miss her dearly when she finds her forever home, she truly is the best foster we have had yet and has stolen our hearts!


If you would like to be considered as Libby’s new “Forever Family”, make sure to fill out the online application form and mention her by name.