16026 Bruce

Lab/Mixes - Young - Male
Adopted Large House trainedKnows Basic CommandsLoves to swimPrefers to be only dog

APPEARANCE:   Bruce is a Golden mix.  He has a typical Golden Retriever coat and color.  He is approximately 3 years old, and weighs 77 pounds.

HEALTH:  Bruce is up to date on vaccines, neutered, micro-chipped and heart worm negative. 

HABITS & TRAINING: Bruce had a rough beginning. He was severely neglected and never socialized with other dogs.   Meeting people is fine with him. He is very loving and eager to please. Meeting other dogs is his problem.   His foster has 3 other dogs and a cat.   He interacts with the dogs well, but under supervision. He plays like a puppy with the cat. He plays very, very rough and can injure another dog or a person if his excitement level goes too high.   He is house trained & very well behaved.     His bark is very loud and he is an excellent watch dog.   He can erupt into a lunge under certain circumstances, and should not be in a family with small children and he would do best as the only dog.

OVERALL:   Bruce is an ongoing project. He has been in behavioral training for several months with a professional behaviorist. Bruce has learned through easy techniques to be guided and these must remain a part of his life with you. They are simple methods he has learned. He needs a calm, firm, loving leader.   His foster is 71 yrs old and, with leadership and understanding, she can control his excitement levels and refocus him. The behaviorist is willing to help make the transition to his new family, subject to time and distance.  He is a sweet, loving dog, with a wonderful sense of humor and not a mean bone in his whole body.   He now, generally, looks to the human for guidance and direction

If you would like to be considered as Bruce’s new “Forever Family”, please fill out the online adoption application and mention him by name.