17012 Butterball

Young - Male
Adopted Medium House trainedKnows Basic CommandsSPECIAL NEEDS

Appearance: Butterball is a young male (maybe 2) weighing about 50lbs. He grew up in the country surrounded by dogs and children (according to hearsay) so he does not like being alone. He is plucky, intelligent and so very sweet. His coat is golden with a white blaze between his eyes. He is a mix but looks mostly golden.

Health: Butterball has the usual issues due to neglect but he is heartworm negative. The hookworms and ehrlichiosis are being treated. His neutering is delayed until the anemia due to the ehrlichiosis is resolved (a month of antibiotics). He has a broken tooth that should come out when he is neutered. He is up to date on vaccinations and microchipped. Despite the neglect, he is a remarkably energetic fellow eager to love.

Habits and Training: We think he is fully house trained. He seems to know sit and walks well on a leash. He travels well in a car. We don’t know how he will do with a cat. He has looked at cats on walks but there is no discernible prey instinct. He likes to run and is use to being free to go where he pleases. He loves to cuddle and he loves to explore. He does not play with toys – not very many were available to him as a puppy. He is wary of new men and takes time to warm up to them. The current foster calls him Linus because he needs a security blanket.

He has separation anxiety. He is currently being treated to see if the anxiety can be minimized. His ideal home would have other dogs and near constant human company.

Children and Other Animals: The story is Butterball was born in the country and grew up surrounded by a lot of other dogs. His sire was a large beautiful golden who died due to severe heartworms. His dame was a skinny something who died shortly after giving birth. The children named him Butterball because he was so cute. He eventually wandered and found the grandfather who fed him.

He likes children and evidently likes other dogs.

Special Note: Butterball has an issue with being alone – separation anxiety. His forever home should have other dogs, a fenced yard and a friendly lap.