18010 Beau

Adult - Male
Adopted Medium Coach PotatoCraves AttentionHouse trainedKnows Basic CommandsPrefers to be only dog

Appearance:  Beau is a handsome Golden mix.  A bit stocky at 72 pounds, he has a thick coat and sports “double” dew claws on his rear legs.

Personality:  Beau loves attention and will gladly spend a good part of the day sharing a sofa to enjoy head and belly rubs.  In typical golden fashion, he tends to stay close to people and can frequently be found laying near your feet.  Beau is still learning about how to be a  good family member and needs an occasional verbal correction to remind him of his manners.  The best home for Beau is one that has people around most of the day

Health and meds:  Beau was Heartworm positive, but was successfully treated and now available for adoption.

Habits and Training:  Highly intelligent, Beau is house trained, knows a few basic commands and is very food motivated.  He does fairly well on a leash but needs an occasional reminder to not pull.  Beau can be very determined in getting where he wants to go and has been known to push open an opening in a gate or squeeze through a door as it is closing.  He does not like kennels or crates, but has no problems sleeping/spending the night in a gated room.

Children and Other Animals:  Past reports indicate Beau is fine around children.  With other dogs, he can show some dominance and needs to be closely supervised during any introductory period.    He would probably be best as an “only dog” home,  but this is not a firm conclusion.   His foster home reports no problems with female dogs but can act dominate with male dogs.  He can be possessive with toys and food bowls with other dogs.  Prior to his heart worm treatment he was in a foster home with 4 other dogs (1 female and 3 males).

SPECIAL NOTE:  Beau came to us from an animal control facility in south Florida.  It was reported that he showed some aggression/snapped towards a family that adopted him but it is suspected that this was based on some improperly applied physical correction applied to him.   ECGRR was contacted because officials thought Beau would be a great dog for the right person/family.   Beau needs a home that offers firm guidance and understands that he is receptive to proper vocal corrections.