18015 “Prince” Albert

Senior - Male
Adopted Large Craves AttentionLow maintenanceNo stairs please!

Meet “Prince” Albert!  We’re guessing he’s about 9 yrs old.

The guessing part is because he was dropped off at a local county shelter “night box” … soaked in urine and terribly matted … quite a mess, but something we encounter at times.  Scroll down for some pictures of what he looked like before we took him in. Dr Tringas of Spanish Trail Vets, shaved and bathed him.

Albert’s initial exam had him testing as heartworm positive and ECGRR arranged for him to undergo treatment.  He’s nearing the end of  his treatment and time to find that perfect forever home!!

Appearance:  Prince Albert is a medium sized golden with a coat that grows in very full (see his intake pictures posted below).  He was shaved when we took him in so his hair is still growing back.

Personality:  Quite the inside type, Albert loves air conditioning.

Health and meds:  Prince Albert has some mild arthritis and somewhat stiff joints. Pretty much what would be expected at his age.   No special medications.  With him completing his heartworm treatment he’ll have a clean bill of health, microchipped and just one bundle of love.

Habits and Training:  We do not have much history on Albert’s basic training such as how well he is house-trained – he’s spent much of his time in our care at the vet’s office in a hospital kennel environment. As he is moved to foster care we should have more information to post.

Children and Other Animals:   Albert has shown no reaction to any of the other dogs that have been at the vet office where he has been staying.  We have no information about how he is with cats or children.

Here’s a pictures before he came into our care: