Annie 13074 & Rosie 13073

Goldens - Adult - Female
Adopted Medium Knows Basic Commands

Meet Rosy 13073 & Annie 13074.  Here’s what their foster has to say about them:

Appearance:    Annie is a beautiful red, curly haired golden girl.  She is tall and large framed, but also a bit overweight for optimal health.  Rosy is short, stocky, and a “chunky monkey!”  She loves to eat a little too much – food quantities should be monitored or she will munch all day long!   Both Annie & Rosy will thrive greatest in a single placement where their sibling bond will be nurtured and encouraged.  They should also have ample opportunity for exercise to promote improved health and longevity.  They are thoroughly enjoying increasingly longer morning and evening walks on a leash!

People & Kids:    Rosy is incredibly sweet and laid back.  She loves a good nap and is loving and lovable with young children.  Rosy loves being around people and her sister Annie.  Annie & Rosy are most often found very close to each other.  Annie adores her sister Rosy, and is definitely the alpha sister.  Annie also loves children and the attention they shower on her, but care must be taken so that Annie clearly understands boundaries and that her humans are the ones in charge.

Animals:    Annie & Rosy are both wonderful with each other and our other dog.  Annie & Rosy clearly depend on each other for comfort, companionship, and play.  They can often be found laying intertwined or side by side, or joyfully rolling around and snuggling each together.  They delight in play with each other!

Habits:    Both dogs are great on a leash, housebroken (no accidents at all), gentle, and thoroughly lovable.  Both Annie and Rosy are content to rest their heads in your lap for a long gentle rub.  Rosy is especially fond of tummy rubs.   They both clearly prefer being wherever the people are in the house!

Health:    Annie & Rosy are both current on vaccinations and monthly preventatives.  Annie is slightly overweight and will benefit from daily exercise to promote better health and a longer life span.  Rosy is definitely overweight and will thrive greatest in a home that helps promote exercise and proper dietary limitations.  She loves to eat a lot!!!

 Overall:    Rosy and Annie have already lost much in their lives.  Their best interests will be served by a most special family with heart enough to love and receive these soul sisters in a single forever home.

If you would like to be considered as a candidate to adopt both or either of these girls please fill out the online adoption application and mention them by name.