Bear 18013

Adult - Male
Adopted Large Crate trainedHouse trainedPrefers a home with no catsPrefers to be only dog

Appearance: As his name implies Bear is a big, laid back guy. His coat is a rich chocolate color. While his precise breed makeup is unknown, based upon his appearance and personality he is likely either a Chocolate Lab, Chesapeake Retriever, or Newfoundland/Retriever mix.

Personality: Bear is a very playful dog that enjoys fetch, tug of war, and playing with toys. He is very responsive when called or given direction but doesn’t know basic commands.

Health and meds: Bear suffered from infected ears and heartworms when taken in by ECGRR. He is fully recovered from both conditions and is fully vaccinated and microchipped. Bear is a healthy 90 pound 7-year-old male.

Habits and Training: Bear’s training history is unknown, but he is house broken.

Children and other animals: Bear shows indifference to some animals but attempts to dominate others, so placing him in a home without other pets (dogs or cats) is preferred.