Jake 22005

Goldens - Young - Male
Adopted Medium No stairs please!Prefers to be only dogSPECIAL NEEDS

Jake is in foster to adopt status

Jake is a very sweet male Golden Retriever with an estimate age of 3 years. He was rescued after being struck by a car, which caused damage to his back and pelvis. Additionally, it was learned that he had been mauled by one or more dogs. When first taken to a veterinarian Jake was not able to walk, and he was fearful of people. Over the past 8 months at the vet his pelvis has healed, and his nerves have recovered to the point where he can now walk with some minor difficulty. While he’ll always have some permanent damage, it is expected that he will realize an 80% to 90% recovery. Jake is still fearful of strangers, but he’s very comfortable with people once he gets to know them.

To make matters worse Jake was diagnosed with heartworms. Because of his medical condition he is being treated using the slow kill method, and with luck he should be heartworm free sometime this summer.

Because of the damage he incurred when he was struck by the car Jake will be best in a home without other dogs, or possibly one mature dog that won’t want to play with Jake in a manner that could result in his back being re-injured.


Please fill out an online Adoption Application if you are interested in fostering or adopting Jake. You can do this by selecting the red button at the bottom of http://ecgrr.com/how-to-adopt/

If you’re not able to foster or adopt Jake but would like to help cover the cost of his medical care, please select the blue DONATE button at http://ecgrr.com/donations/. Be sure to comment that the donation is targeted to help with Jake’s recovery.