Reba 22007 & Roxy 22008

Adult - Female
Adoptable Large House trainedKnows Basic Commands

Reba & Roxy are 6-year-old Golden Retriever sisters that never get bored! They are content to just sit nearby while you work, watch TV or perform any activity as long as they can see you. They love going for short walks and enjoy sitting in a baby pool or bucket to cool off.

They enjoy each other’s company and never fight over anything. Reba & Roxy don’t mind car rides but at times have difficulty getting up into some cars. They adapt to new settings very quickly as evinced by being comfortable in their foster home within one day. They don’t play with balls or need a lot of toys, but they’ll bring you a gift such as a leaf, stick or towel to show you that they’re happy that you’re home!

Reba & Roxy have been together their entire life, so ECGRR’s goal is to find a home that can adopt them as a pair. If you’re interested in these sweet gals, please submit an online Adoption Application and list them as dogs you are interested in. If you’ve already submitted an Adoption Application, please text Bob Teer at 850-814-4960 or email him at