23002 Seymour

Seymour is a 2 year old neutered male. He’s the definition of a Velcro dog – he loves to be as close to you as possible! Seymour is great at cuddling, loves playing with people and dogs, and is overall a big lover. He has yet to meet a dog he didn’t like, and is pretty scared of cats but no indication of being aggressive. Seymour likes to play in the dog park, catch/fetch, tug of war, and any game that means that someone is paying full attention to him! Seymour’s foster has been working with him on “sit”, “stay”, “no” and “go”. He has moderate recall when off leash. Seymour is medium energy, and always wants to be involved and make his presence known. Seymour has been successfully treated for heartworms, and he’ll need to refrain from intense exercise for the next few months as he fully recovers from his treatment.