Jill 21010 – ADOPTED!

Jill was a stray that is believed to be about 3 years old. She appears to be a retriever mix, possibly with shepherd. Jill doesn’t care for cats at all, and only gets along with other dogs under certain conditions. For these reasons she’ll likely do better in a home without other pets. She is very sweet and quickly becomes attached to people.

ECGRR sent Jill to a professional trainer for several weeks to improve her interaction with other dogs. The trainer indicated that she was anxious and lacked confidence, so they developed training routines to address this.


Jill is kennel trained and has successfully been treated for heartworms. ECGRR is looking for someone to foster or adopt Jill. If you’re interested please fill out an Adoption Application on this website listing your interest in Jill. ECGRR covers all expenses for foster dogs with the exception of food, and people that foster are given preference when a dog becomes available for adoption.