Remmy 22015

Remmy is the best dog ever. So says his fosters. Who are we to disagree?

Remmy is 7 years old. His family rescued him from a puppy mill and life was good. But, he became homeless and lost his best friend and family when his family encountered death and loss. He was very sad, lost and confused. Despite all that loss and grief, Remmy’s true spirit shined. He is gentle, affectionate, loving and, maybe, a little bit goofy.

So many people came together to help Remmy. April Cross took care of Remmy while Remmy’s owner suffered the loss of his wife, leg and home. The Shepherd Spring Animal Hospital in Crawfordville took care of Remmy’s medical needs to help Remmy find a home. Gillian and Gabe of Tallahassee fostered Remmy for a weekend until ECGRR could take him in. Timberlane Animal Hospital in Tallahassee provided care for anxiety and allergies. And Emerald Coast Golden Retriever accepted Remmy so that the best home can be found for him. After about six weeks of foster care we now know this about Remmy’s perfect home.

Remmy needs a home with no stairs. He can handle one or two steps but no more.

It would be ideal if Remmy’s new humans are low key and home bodies. Due to his massive loss Remmy was anxious and the foster used love, thunder shirts and medication to help Remmy adjust. Remmy’s foster reports Remmy is much happier now. It will take time and his new family will have to help Remmy adjust and love him. In the beginning he would bark when the foster left the house but that to has subsided. He loves his routine – probably because of his limited vision and loss.

He needs another dog to love and hang with. Remmy lost his canine friend Jeremiah and howled every morning at 4am so Jeremiah could find him. By the way Remmy has a lovely singing voice. The foster’s dogs would run out to comfort Remmy and Remmy would stop. Remmy’s grief is subsiding, and the foster reports Remmy is no longer calling for Jeremiah.

He has issues. He has limited vision and requires daily eye drops. He has mobility issues due to arthritis but his foster reports that Remmy is moving around a great deal more and loving his daily walks after beginning arthritis pain management.

Appearance: Remmy’s coat is dark honey. He is a big boy weighing in over 90 pounds. His legs are bowed and his eyes …. Well, he is goofy looking.

Health: Remmy is up to date on his vaccinations and is microchipped. He is neutered. He will need eye drops (Dorzolamide HCI/ Timolol Maleate) and pain management for the arthritis in addition to heartworms and flea preventative. He is seven years old.

His vision is limited and he seems to use his perepheral vison and other canines to navigate the world. Remmy has untreated glaucoma, which may require some surgery on his eyes to correct in the future.

Because of his vision he is cautious taking steps down until he knows the territory. He needs help getting in a car and a ramp mayl be necessary at some point.

Habits and Training: Remmy has been well loved but his training was relaxed. He is house trained. He walks well on a leash. His foster has been working on the basic commands. Remmy is not a high energy dog but he loves to follow other dogs around.

He also loves lounging! Such a couch potato!

He loves his routine – probably because of his limited vision and loss.

His foster reports that he has an incredible sense of smell and hearing. He will stay out in the back yard for hours trying to catch the field mice.

He loves to chew so chew toys are a requirement in his new home. He loves his stuffed toy Lambchop.

Remmy has been introduced to swimming. He likes it!



Children and other animals: He is loving dog. Everyone who meets him loves him. He is sweet natured, affectionate, and gentle. He loves being outside with the other dogs chasing the pool cleaning bot but will hang with his human. He is good with cats and other dogs.

If you are interested in meeting Remmy and have been approved to adopt by ECGRR, please contact the Emerald Coast Golden Retriever Rescue Volunteer Kerrie Barloga at 850 322 5310 or

Otherwise please place an application to adopt at and mention Remmy 22015 by name.