Rizzo 24004 – ADOPTED!

Rizzo 24004 – ADOPTED!

Do you want to be loved? Do you want to be adored? Do you want a golden who is a furball of a baby? Well. We have that dog.

Rizzo is 98# of love and he is a sweet heart. He likes to play (a little), is learning how to play fetch, has no problems with other dogs trying to climb on top of him or with his housemate Rosie dominating him. He prefers to sleep outside his crate. He’s a great dog!

Initial description:  Rizzo is a nearly 7 years old, neutered male. He looks a little bit like a red Panda with an adorable cowlick along the top of his snout. He is a velcro boy – loving, physically affectionate and sweet tempered. He likes to be outside but also likes to hang out when the human is working remotely.

He was well loved by his former family and could lose a few pounds. Other than the weight issue, his health is excellent, he is up to date on vaccinations and will be microchipped.

He likes to chew his toys so nyla bones are a favorite. He is intrigued by the resident Frisbee nut so he may become a fetching dog. He likes to lower his belly into water and lap up the water.

Commands: He knows SIT and very food motivated. He takes treats gently but he is very focused on that treat.  We are working on other basic commands. He is house trained, and crate trained but he will get into mischief if not supervised. He loves (loves!) to shred cardboard so he is great addition to household if you receive Amazon boxes.

His former family had him in the crate at night and when they left the house. His dowry includes his crate, crate mat and an XL bolstered dog bed. His foster tucks Rizzo into the fuzzy bed in an area with some chew toys, treats and a bit of love.

An ideal home would include a fenced yard. Another dog would be a bonus. He would not be a good choice for a running buddy but his new home should be mildly active – either taking him for walks and/or playing with a ball in the back yard. He is a big boy and likes to hug so older children would be better.