Rosie 24005

Rosie 24005

Rosie is a 4 to 5 years old female weighing almost 70 pounds with a light honey curly coat. Very much a velcro girl – loving, physically affectionate and sweet tempered. She likes to be outside but also likes to hang out when the human is working remotely.

Well loved by her former family, Rosie’s health is excellent, up to date on vaccinations, microchipped and scheduled to be spayed.

Rosie loves to play with tennis balls, chew them and use them for back massages.  She likes tug a war, loves exploring and will destroy those tennis balls and then ingest the remains (yikes!) if not supervised when playing with them.  She loves being outside with the human and will bounce around happily.  Plays well with other dogs but is BOSSY. She does not like to share cuddles.

Commands: Rosie knows SIT and is very food motivated. She takes treats gently and her foster is able to wrestle a bone away from her and there was no aggression.   We are working on other basic commands.

Behavior Notes: She is house trained and crate trained but will get into mischief if not supervised. Her former family had her in the crate at night and when they left the house.  She is young and active so her new home will have to be able to accommodate a lively pretty girl either by playing in the back yard, doggy daycare or regular active walks. Her new home should be willing to spoil her with many many tennis balls.  An ideal home would include a fenced yard.

We are working on her manners but she tends to jump so a home with frail beings may not be the best choice.

Rosie’s dowry includes her crate, crate mat and an XL bolstered dog bed.